The romantic colours and how to make use of them

The colours we choose for a wedding theme are arguably one of the most important aspects of the big day. Our choices have a big impact on how guests perceive a wedding. For example, a rich red colour scheme hints at romance and love, while purple expresses a kind of regal splendour and opulence. In this post, we take a look at the most romantic colours and how to use them properly.

Colourful flowers

Traditional colours to match the season

Known as the colour of love and romance, red is by far the favourite base colour for weddings in the UK. However, it’s a good idea to use it sparingly and alongside other colours. Too much red can feel over the top and distracting.

Our advice would be to choose red for a winter wedding. Mixed with white and golden yellow, this treble combination is a charming blend that speaks to the season.

When it comes to choosing colours for a seasonal wedding, Wedding Ideas Mag has some great tips:

“You can also consider marrying your colour scheme to the time of year you tie the knot. Silver and navy are ever popular for winter weddings, while emerald, plum and copper are autumnal favourites. For spring and summer celebrations, our real brides and grooms love pastel and rainbow palettes.”

Choosing the right colours to wear

Bride shades

Find the right colours to wear is a matter of thought, discussion and thorough searching. Certain colours work better with different skin tones, so it’s important to choose a colour to complement your own complexion.

For the majority of brides out there, the main goal is to look a picture of radiant femininity. A poor choice of colour might leave you looking washed out, or worse, too made up. We all have our go-to colour pick, and that’s useful. But don’t be afraid to try something new in the build up to your wedding. You might find a new combination that unlocks your whole look.

Your bridesmaids will need to match their colours to your wedding theme, but it’s a good idea to coordinate your look with theirs, too. This may present a challenge, since each of you are likely to have different skin tones and styles, but it’s worth getting right. Small mistakes aren’t a disaster by any means, but a coordinated look makes for spectacular photos on the big day.

Avoiding colour mistakes

Mistakes can sometimes be made when it comes to colour schemes. Preparation is key to preventing any issues. A little know how, combined with the advice of your wedding planning team will help you avoid the pitfalls. Stick to an aesthetically pleasing and cohesive palette, and make sure it fits the overall theme of the wedding. For more tips on how to choose a colour scheme, check out Simone Hill’s piece in The Knot.

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