Venetian fantasies

Known as one of the most romantic cities in the world, Venice has, for centuries, bewitched and enchanted travellers from across the globe.


The English poet Lord Byron was a particular fan, describing the floating city perfectly, saying:

“I loved her from my boyhood,—she to me. Was as a fairy city of the heart, Rising like water-columns from the sea, Of joy the sojourn and of wealth the mart; And Otway, Radcliffe, Schiller, Shakespeare’s art, Had stamped her image in me.”

His is but one set of many loving words about this Italian gem.

A former city of trade and commerce, Venice has been at the centre of Italy’s fortune for many years. Prior to Italy’s unification in the 1860’s, it was one of the wealthiest city states in the Mediterranean, attracting a wealth of interesting characters, from artists to villains.

There are many ways you can inject a bit of Venetian beauty into your wedding reception. Here are just a handful to hopefully inspire.

1. The Masquerade

A masquerade ball theme would be the ultimate Venetian experience for you and your guests. The Carnival of Venice, which, although a fairly recent addition to the cities itinerary, being inaugurated in 1979, is steeped in history. The famous masquerade masks, which include pierots and even Medieval plague doctors, go back many centuries.

A truly special idea, would be to have a collection of masks ready and waiting for your guests to sport as soon as they walk into the reception hall.

2. A Decadent Colour Palette

When we think of Venice, what colours come to mind? Well, for us, it’s dark and brooding hues, luscious emerald greens and distinct subdued purple. Don’t forget Venice was and remains a city of nobility, it’s streets are strewn with reminders of royalty and regal extravagance. Choose your colour scheme wisely and don’t be afraid to be eclectic, just like the city itself.

View of Venice

3. Regal Extravagance

Keeping to a regal theme, make your tables a display of Venetian extravagance, centred with a flowing bouquet of flowers. Roses and violets, sunflowers and daffodils; it’s this eclectic mixture that will bring to life the Venetian spirit. For glasses and tableware, again embrace the idea of mixing and matching. Don’t be put off by contrasting colours and styles.

4. Picture Postcards

We’ve touched upon the idea of incorporating postcards into a wedding theme, and if you can get your hands on some vintage postcards of Venice, there are a few ways these can be incorporated. For example, instead of generic place name cards, use postcards instead. And if you’re thinking of a little gift set for your guests to take home and cherish, a Venice postcard would be such a sweet way to say “thank you for coming.”

Well, we hope you like our ideas. If you have any further thoughts on how to bring to life the beauty of this ancient and evocative city, then please let us know.

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