A breakfast party at the coach house

Leez Priory coach house

If you are looking for an intimate and rustic wedding venue, the recently refurbished coach house at Leez Priory is ideal. A Tudor fantasy manor, with 40 acres of superlative grounds, which include lakes and finely manicured lawns, Leez is steeped in history. Its decor and design motifs are the epitome of English aesthetics through the ages. The coach house at Leez boasts a style that is both eye catching and ultimately beautiful. With exposed brickwork and Tudor style beams, it is a perfect laid-back spot to host a rustic wedding breakfast.

There are many variations of the rustic theme to go for, and certainly all of them would fit neatly at the coach house. The style of a farmer’s market offers many interesting and quaint additions that you can include in your décor. Over at The Knot, Carrie Anton has compiled a wonderful list of farmer’s market inspirations, that would fit beautifully with the coach house setting. As Carrie writes – “If you’re going for a rustic, vintage vibe for your wedding, there’s no place more pastoral to gather inspiration from than your local farmers market. Filled with bright blooms, a variety of vegetables, colorful fruits, hand-made treats and more, your nearby market has a bounty of ideas for adding fresh touches to your event.” We couldn’t agree more.

A farmer’s market theme can be easily tailored for a wedding breakfast, with ideas that range from gourmet grazing, to offering a handpicked selection of locally sourced treats to a casual buffet. Another great tip is to serve on-the-go breakfast foods you’d find at the market, keeping that relaxed, easygoing vibe, as you all gear up for the excitement ahead.

Old fashioned Lantern

With so much effort usually put into the wedding and the reception, the breakfast can often get neglected. However, the intimacy of the coach house will help towards creating an unforgettable wedding breakfast, without a real need for spending too much time creating a sense rural majesty. Simple additions, such as using natural materials as your place card holders, will add extra touches of good taste. As Uniquely Yours Wedding Invitation suggests “guests will be charmed by both the practicality of it but also that they get to take home a little taste of the outdoors and nature.”

For a wedding breakfast, bright and cheerful is really the only way to go, and a bit of whimsy goes a very long way. So, decking the coach house in an assortment of jam jars filled with wild blooms will brighten everyone’s day. Added extras such as placemats made of bark and tree trunk seating will give a glorious J.R.R Tolkien vibe.

The rustic wedding theme has a dreamy vibe to it, and it is one that gives you the opportunity to be as fantastical in your execution as possible.

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