The breakfast before the wedding – meal ideas for nervous brides-to-be

Wedding planning anxiety is a real issue for modern day brides and grooms. The pressure of pulling off the perfect wedding celebration gets to us all, with even the most confident marrying couples suffering the physical and mental fallout of wedding planning stress. As well as having to contend with stress and anxiety in the run up to your wedding day, on the morning itself, tension can reach boiling point. Your head will be filled with worries, from making sure you look your best to getting to the church on time. Keeping your wedding morning schedule on track is imperative, but in the heat of the moment, it’s so easy to let the basics slip.


What you eat and drink on the morning of your wedding can make all the difference. Make sure you are well fuelled for the big celebration ahead with these breakfast ideas.

The wholegrain saviour

Sometimes simpler is better, particularly if your stomach is racked with nerves. Wholegrain toast topped with your favourite goodies provides the nutrition you need to kick start your day.

Calorific full English breakfasts will leave you bloated and tired come lunchtime. It’s best to opt for wholegrain toast topped with peanut or almond butter, blueberries, maca root powder and cinnamon instead. It’s not only tasty but gives you the slow releasing energy you need to get through the next four to five hours. This easy-to-digest option is also bloat-free.

The protein rich redeemer

Protein has many important roles to play in our bodies. In fact, every cell contains protein, with our hair and nails made mostly of this vital component. With protein providing up to 15% of the energy our bodies need, it’s just as important as water in our diets. This makes a protein-rich breakfast a real winner on a day where lots of energy is required.

Eggs are a great source of protein and by adding sweet potato, kale, and avocado to the mix you can create a hearty, protein-rich combination that keeps you fuelled for the busy morning ahead without leaving you too heavy. Whether opting for an omelette or going scrambled, egg-based breakfasts give you the protein, fat, and fibre you need to boost energy reserves without causing a sugar crash.

The classic combo

Fruit served with lashings of yogurt provides a tangy, energy-boosting breakfast option for your wedding morning. The latter has also been proven to reduce anxiety, which is perfect for super nervous brides-to-be. Healthline explains just how yogurt provides a natural remedy for anxiety:

“If you suffer from anxiety, yogurt is a great food to include in your diet. The probiotics, or healthy bacteria, found in some types of yogurt can improve several aspects of your well-being, including mental health (31, 32). Studies have shown that probiotic foods like yogurt may promote mental health and brain function by inhibiting free radicals and neurotoxins, which can damage nerve tissue in the brain and lead to anxiety (33, 34). In one study, anxious individuals who consumed probiotic yogurt daily were better able to cope with stress than those who consumed yogurt without probiotics (35).”

The same research revealed that eating yogurt on a regular basis will boost brain function and regulate emotion, two plus points that are certain to come in handy in midst of wedding planning!

If you’re lucky enough to be staying at your venue on the night before your big day, you can take the stress out of breakfast completely, by arranging for it to be delivered to your room while you’re getting ready. Our catering team at Leez Priory are happy to discuss your requirements so that you can have a stress-free start to your big day!

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