Wedding breakfast – to tea or not to tea


Wedding venues across the country are becoming more flexible and more amenable to a range of requests. Most good quality venues now offer a wide variety of menus, drink options and reception spaces, with most couples’ whims easily catered for.

Though this is great news for picky brides and grooms, it also means there are now a lot more decisions to be made before the big day. One of the most common quandaries couples face is whether or not to serve tea and coffee after the wedding breakfast. An important consideration when planning the running order of the event, serving tea and coffee will have an impact on your itinerary, your time-frame and the atmosphere of your wedding.


When planning the running order of your wedding day, it’s important to factor in things like tea and coffee breaks. We agree completely with You & Your Wedding that “the key to a smooth reception is a carefully planned timetable”. And as you don’t want any part of the day to feel rushed, take a look at your itinerary to see whether or not you have time for a refreshment break before the evening part of your reception gets into full swing. If you have plenty of time between the end of dinner and the first dance, serving tea and coffee can be a good way to ensure your guests don’t feel bored or uncared for.

Sober up after dinner

If you’ve had a drinks reception followed by a boozy wedding breakfast, serving tea and coffee after dinner is a good way to sober your guests up and get them ready to hit the dance floor. Many of your guests will have been drinking steadily since they arrived, so giving them a strong cup of tea or coffee will help to ensure they don’t get too drunk too soon.

Preparing for the evening guests

Serving tea and coffee after the wedding breakfast creates a natural break in the proceedings. It gives the day guests a chance to relax after the ceremony, meal and speeches and offers a useful time for evening guests to arrive and settle in. By arranging for the tea and coffee to be served around the time the evening guests arrive, you can ensure the reception is relaxed and welcoming when they get there.

Talk to your venue

Though you’ve probably spent hours on the internet learning about wedding planning and running orders, it’s important to remember that your venue has hosted weddings every single week for years. Everyone employed at the venue will have a good idea about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to weddings. Ask the organisers at the venue what they recommend when it comes to tea and coffee, and try to take their advice seriously.

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