Don’t forget the flowers – a guide to your wedding day blooms

Wedding flowers

Flowers are one of the most important parts of any wedding. Make sure you get your arrangements just right with our guide to the bouquets, centrepieces and posies you’ll need on the day.

Personal flowers

The most important bunch of blooms on any wedding day is the bride’s bouquet. Though you’re unlikely to forget this crucial flower arrangement, it’s important to remember your bridesmaids will also need a small posy of flowers to carry down the aisle. Ideally, these should match, or complement, your bouquet. You may want to consider giving the maid of honour a slightly different bouquet to help her to stand out from the crowd. On the groom’s side, you’ll need to provide flowers for the men’s buttonholes. You might also want to give matching flowers to the father of the bride and other people closely associated with the bridal party.

Flowers in the ceremony

The number and type of flowers you need for your ceremony will depend on the space, the size of your wedding and the aesthetic you want to go for. You could line the aisle with blooms, place a few arrangements on the altar and give guests petals to throw, as you walk towards your husband-to-be.

Flowers in a heart shapeFlowers at the reception

Though some brides choose to buy a completely new set of flowers for the reception – in reality, you can reuse many of the flowers from your ceremony. However, as the reception space is generally bigger than the ceremony room, you’ll probably need some extra blooms to fill the area. Like @theknot says, “Couples tend to see the centerpieces and the table setting but do not visualize the whole reception room with their guests in it.” Remember that areas like the entranceway, the stage and even the loos may need enhancing with colourful flowers, so don’t be afraid to go all out on your wedding blooms.

What to do with flowers after your wedding day

Though it can be difficult to see beyond the wedding in the run up to your big day, it’s a good idea to start thinking about what you’re going to do with your flowers after the ceremony to ensure they don’t go to waste. Talk to local hospitals and care homes to see if they can find a home for them, or hand them out to guests on the night and give everyone a colourful souvenir of your day.

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