How to find a flattering wedding dress for a pear body type


Finding a wedding dress that flatters your body type can feel hard as a pear-shaped woman. Read on for our tips on choosing a flattering dress that celebrates your curves in all the right places.

Defining the pear body type

A pear-shaped body type is the most common body type among women. Women who are pear shaped have a smaller upper torso and larger bottom half of their body. Their hips and bottom are wider than their upper torso. The ideal wedding dress for a pear shape depends on what you want to achieve.

If you are looking to flaunt your lower curves then a tighter fitting dress on the bottom half will flatter. In contrast, if you’d like to enhance and draw attention to your slimmer torso and balance out the curves on your lower body, then a fitted bodice up top and a full, flared-out skirt is probably the one for you.

Wedding dress salonHighlighting the upper torso

Women with a pear shaped body tend to have slimmer stomachs, small waistlines and slender arms – all things that can be enhanced with the right dress. These women look gorgeous in dresses that draw attention to their slender upper body.

A strapless dress also looks beautiful on the svelte upper figure of a pear-shaped woman, as it suits her slender arms. In addition, a great necklace can be a fabulous accessory for a strapless gown. It can act as a statement piece to highlight your shoulders and arms and will draw the eye towards the upper torso – making it the perfect accessory to go with this style of gown.

A fitted upper bodice will look striking on women with a pear body shape. Go for a dress that is well-structured on top and that is simple in design – rather than swimming in layers of fabric. A bodice with embellishments is a nice option, since the delicate beading or lace overlay doubles the effect.

Consider your skirt

Wedding dressThe right skirt can also bring the best out your upper torso. An A-Line skirt (slender on top and flares out towards the bottom) will highlight a slender midsection, while a ball gown skirt (a full skirt – think a classic ball dress) will emphasize a slender waist and minimize the curve of the hips.

Highlight your waist and create more curves

A fitted waist is also a great choice for a pear-shaped woman, as Ebay note:

“Softly fitted waistlines draw attention to curves and give the illusion of a classic hourglass shape. A defined waist creates a balanced silhouette. Wedding dresses with bodices fitted at the waist, or that feature and belts or ties around the waist effectively define and balance pear shaped figures.”

A pear-shaped woman will look beautiful in a fitted strapless gown that flaunts her figure. Make sure keep this post in mind as you hit the shops, to help find the most flattering dress for you.

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