Do you really need more than one wedding dress?

Whether you’re renting or buying your dream wedding dress, you’ll want to choose a design that showcases your style, complements your wider big day theme, and helps you look and feel like the beautiful bride you are.

Shopping for the one wedding gown that’s made for you is a planning task that brides love and dread in equal measure. So, why would you want to make the process more complicated by shopping for more than one bridal gown?

Having two or more wedding dresses has been all the rage for celeb brides for as long as we can remember, but what are the pros and cons of doing the same at your wedding? In this blog post, we answer this all-important question.

You get to mix up your big day style

When choosing two or more wedding gowns, you’ll have plenty of options to showcase every facet of your flair. It can after all be tricky to find one design that truly captures your signature style.

Many brides opt for a conservative dress for their wedding ceremony before changing into a less restrictive, more dancefloor-friendly gown for their wedding reception.

Your wedding budget may become a little stretched

As one of the biggest expenses you’ll face in the run-up to your wedding, budgeting for two bridal gowns may prove a step too far for some. Having more than one wedding dress and staying on budget however is possible with a bit of forwarding thinking as Weddingbee details:

“For budget reasons, it’s a good idea to decide from the very beginning that you want two dresses for your wedding. Before you even step foot into a bridal store, have your budget ready and keep in mind a number that you’d like to allocate toward the ceremony dress and what will be left over for the reception dress (or vice versa, depending on what your priority is!).”

You can put on a truly show-stopping performance

The big reveal – when you finally appear at the top of the aisle to the adoring “oohs” and “ahhs” of your wedding guests and groom – is one of the most iconic moments of any wedding day. So, why not double the drama with double the wedding gowns?

A show-stopping outfit change can be a real crowd-pleaser as well as a great way to do your style justice.

You’ll have to buy yourself some time on the big day itself

Wedding timelines are intricate things. They have to be to ensure a smooth-running wedding ceremony and reception. This can make dedicating time to an outfit change pretty difficult.

With this in mind, you’ll have to rejig your schedule and even take time away from other parts of your wedding day to accommodate a quick change. Your bridesmaids may also need a little extra training to get you out of wedding dress number one and into wedding dress number two in a reasonable amount of time.

Worried about the weather? You don’t have to be!

When shopping for your bridal gown, you’ll have many boxes to tick to ensure the perfect look for your wedding day. One factor every bride has to consider is the season; without the right bridal ensemble, wet, windy or cold weather can quickly put a dampener on your special day.

With two or more wedding gowns, however, you have options and the freedom to time outfit changes to complement the weather outside. It’s the versatility many brides need if the great British weather is as unpredictable as it often is.

Just tied the knot in a dream wedding gown or two? Find out what happens next by reading our guide to giving your bridal gown the send-off it deserves.

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