Wedding Gift Ideas

Buying a wedding gift can be a difficult task and putting together a gift list can be equally hard.


One idea is for couples to visit their favourite department store and scan everything and anything that they would like for the home, but more couples than ever are looking for an alternative to the classic gift list. Choosing your gifts is an exciting part of your wedding planning and now it can be even more enjoyable such as allowing your friends and family to contribute to your once-in-a-lifetime honeymoon holiday.


Another popular alternative is for the Bride and Groom to pick a chosen charity and have people make a donation, what a wonderful gift idea!

Leez Priory can have a table set and ready for people to put their cards and gifts on as soon as they arrive which makes for a lovely display, or you might opt for the trendy post box idea so that guests can post their gifts to you! Either way it makes for an exciting time when you come to open them!


So what will you decide to do for your gift list?

Emma at Leez Priory

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