Should you have a wedding gift list?

Wedding gift lists have been a longstanding tradition. Whilst many modern day couples think these lists are a thing of the past, in recent years, gift lists are making something of a comeback. A popular way for couples to receive wedding gifts that they actually want, gift lists were originally designed to help newly married couples set up home. According to Cosmopolitan, couples now spend an average of 3.5 years living together before they marry. This doesn’t however leave the wedding gift list redundant.

Wedding gifts

Wedding gift lists provide a number of benefits for couples tying the knot. Here we take a look at just some of the advantages of having your own wedding gift list as well as reveal the ins and outs of creating a list of your very own.

The benefits of gift listing

Over the years, wedding gift lists have earned something of a bad rep amongst wedding guests, but with the right planning you don’t have to be deemed a wedding list tyrant. Whilst letting people buy you what they want, and can afford, is a call made by many, a gift list ensures you receive items you actually need. Lists can take the hassle out of gift shopping for guests, with most appreciating the simplicity of entering a store and choosing an item from a pre-prepared selection. A wedding gift list also makes sure there’s no cases of double or even tripling buying, which means you don’t have to waste time after your wedding returning duplicate gifts.

As well as making life easier for guests, setting up a gift list of your own is made simpler thanks to the dedicated services offered by many department stores and specialty wedding shops.

Top tips for making gift lists

As we mentioned making your own gift list is easy at department stores, online registries and specialty shops. Knowing what items and how many to include is a little trickier to decipher for couples. Household items, such as cooking supplies and small electricals, are always popular on wedding gift lists. Photo albums and frames are two other popular gift list additions with such items solving the dilemma of what to do with your wedding photos after your wedding.

Rock My Wedding provides some helpful advice for those wondering how many items to include on their wedding gift list:

“We always recommend to add more gifts than you think you need, so that there is lots of choice for your guests. We suggest that you add both products and cash contributions to your list so that you have a range of gifts suitable to all guests’ budgets. Your list is also the perfect opportunity to update and upgrade your home essentials. So it’s time to invest in quality items that were built to last. We believe that you should create a list of items that you are going to cherish throughout your lives together. This is shopping without having to reach for your wallet, so make sure you really think about the things you really would love!”

It’s recommended that you complete your list around three months before your wedding date to ensure your guests have plenty time to purchase their presents. Need more gift inspiration for your wedding list? Check out our rundown of the top 5 timeless wedding gifts.

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