Avoiding guest-zilla – calming overenthusiastic wedding party members

Family drama can strike, whatever the occasion. Whilst most family members will leave their disagreements at the door on your wedding day, unfortunately as the drink flows a drama-free day can’t always be promised. Whether drama strikes on your wedding day or during the wedding planning process due to know-it-all family members and friends that want to tell you how to prep for your special day, dealing with these unpleasant politics sooner rather than later is highly recommended.

In this blog post, we share our top tips for dealing with the amateur dramatics of family and friends so there’s no fireworks on the day itself.

Remember communication is key

You may not want to tempt fate by bringing up a family issue before a problem arises. Communicating with the family members or friends involved long before your wedding day, however, will establish your stance and define your boundaries on the matter. Wedding expert Kylie Carlson reveals how communication is key to curbing family drama:

“Communication is critical. Depending on the situation, you may need to carve out time for one-on-ones with certain family members to discuss behaviour expectations on the wedding day. These aren’t easy conversations to have, but taking this step means you’re not leaving things to chance.”

Work on the logistics

If drama is completely unavoidable, putting your planning hat on once again could provide the solution. Working out the logistics is a vital part of wedding planning. With the right preparations and adequate space, you can ensure quarrelling family members and friends never meet to create the drama you dread.

Design your ceremony seating and make table arrangements so troublesome guests are positioned apart, preferably at opposite ends of the room! Let your wedding videographer and photographer know about any potential feuds to ensure they aren’t put in group shots together or are photographed in a large group to avoid any additional discomfort.

Enlist an anti-drama squad

You don’t have to deal with drama alone. In fact, your marital bliss shouldn’t be disrupted by quarrelling family members and feuding friends during wedding planning. You certainly shouldn’t be dealing with drama amongst guests on your wedding day either.

Building your own anti-drama squad to neutralise situations should any issues crop up is the way to go. Your bridesmaids and groomsmen are natural candidates for the job, meaning you can enjoy your day none the wiser of any disputes. Your wedding suppliers can also provide the support needed to calm and manage heated situations should they arise.

Give troublesome guests a choice

Telling guests to “be nice or leave” is a direct approach that really works. Even quarrelling family members and friends won’t want to miss sharing your special day with you. Give them an ultimatum and if they don’t abide to your no-drama rule, show them the door!

Dealing with family politics and friends who think they know-it-all in the run up to your wedding day? You’re not alone! Here 5 real brides share their crazy pre-wedding family drama stories as well as reveal their tips for handling these situations with ease.

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