Your wedding reception: Great games that will keep guests entertained

We recently hosted a gaming themed wedding – read Vicki and Jay’s story here – which got us thinking about the great games that can help to keep guests entertained. There are many articles littering the web detailing how to make sure your wedding guests aren’t bored, and whilst we’ve never had such problems, providing games for your guests to enjoy can add an exciting touch. A Practical Wedding explains:

“Because we’re all so trained to think of wedding receptions as following a very specific format—meal, first dance, boogie, cake cutting, crazy dance party—it can be confusing to envision what a reception can look like without dancing. And almost inevitably, you start to worry if a wedding without dancing will even be fun. In short: of course a wedding without dancing will be fun! But it can feel overwhelming to come up with non-dance ideas for your reception when you have no idea what people might be into. Wedding games are always a fun alternative at a reception…”

Garden games

Here at Leez Priory, we can accommodate both games and dancing to make your wedding reception as special as you envisaged. Read on to discover the games that are guaranteed to be hits with guests young and old.

For traditionalists

Lawn games are becoming increasingly popular and are well-suited to weddings of all themes as well as guests of all ages. Giant Jenga, giant Connect Four, ring toss, corn hole, croquet, badminton, giant checkers and even High Striker, a game synonymous with traditional fairground fun, are all great lawn game options and can be accommodated at venues of all shapes and sizes. For older guests, lawn games can offer a nostalgic look back, while younger guests might never have experienced these classic games before.

Scavenger hunts, trivia, mad libs and board games can also provide an interesting and enthusing escape for guests that are a little tired of dancing.

For group interaction

We love budget-friendly wedding entertainment options as much as the next person, which makes getting creative with group games and interactive activities a great step in the right direction for those with small and big budgets. From the silly shoe toss Q&A game and more traditional word searches, to your own take on the ‘Wheel of Fortune’ complete with dares for you and your guests, there’s tons of interactive options to explore.

For sports enthusiasts

Having your own five a side match may not seem wedding friendly but my gosh it’s fun! Whether football’s your thing or you’re a darts fan, having a station dedicated to the bride or groom’s favourite sport can be personal and fun.

You don’t have to opt for the traditional form of your favourite sport either. Your darts station for example can be given a creative, arty twist with the addition of a canvas and some paint-filled balloons. From your dart art station, you and your guests can create their own magnificent piece to commemorate your special day. Just be sure to set up the dart throwing station at a safe distance and protect that lovely wedding attire from rogue paint splashes or things could get messy.

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