Wedding trends for winter 2016

A winter wedding at Leez Priory

If you’re planning a winter wedding, you might be wondering what are some big wedding trends for winter 2016. From beautiful, long-sleeved wedding dresses to berry-coloured floral crowns, turn your winter wedding into a winter wonderland, with these winter 2016 trends.

Floral crowns

Floral crowns have been big news in the bridal world for many years now. There is something so effortlessly charming about adorning your hair with fresh flowers. Floral crowns are still in Vogue for winter 2016: think snowy-coloured flowers, vibrant berry-hues, and autumnal foliage.

Non-floral centerpieces

Winter 2016 also sees the rise of more unusual, earthy centerpieces, as the Huffington Post explains: “potted trees, succulents, ferns, lavender sprigs and decorative leaves (such as magnolia, begonia) are no longer reserved for anchoring flower arrangements — these days they can become the focal point of the décor. “

Faux fur

Faux fur always looks glamorous in the winter, and will keep you nice and warm for those outdoor photographs. You can find many lovely faux fur coats, or shawls on the high-street. Also, try vintage shops for a great deal and a one-of-a-kind wedding day coat.

Rich velvet

As autumn 2016 rolls around, we have seen a big revival of the luxurious velvet. Velvet was a key trend in the 1990s, with grungy red and black velvet dresses being rocked by fashionable women across the globe. Velvet simultaneously manages to be luxurious, yet laid-back, making it the ideal fabric for any glamorous bohemian. You can easily have fun with this trend by bringing velvet into your shoes, headwear, or shawl.

His and hers cocktails

Signature cocktails, and other delightful drinks, have long been part of the wedding day celebrations. You can make this special aspect of your day even more special, with his and hers cocktails; do you each have a favourite cocktail? Why not include them both in your wedding day?

Woman wearing a floral crownBerry

Berry shades are back in a big way. Berry has been making serious waves in the bridal beauty world, with gorgeous berry-coloured lips being a key beauty trend for the winter.

Blue-toned, dark reds tend to suit paler-skinned ladies, while those with an olive complexion tend to look gorgeous in a deep red. Those with darker skin will really suit a dark mahogany or bold burgundy.

In addition, berry-adorned wedding cakes are also set to be a big part of the wedding trends for 2016. The 2016 winter wedding cakes are shying away from elaborate designs and decadent, snowy frosting; 2016 winter wedding cakes are embracing simple designs, and cake towers topped with berries and flowers.

Dress designs

We couldn’t explore 2016 wedding trends, without covering the latest in bridal dress designs. This years dresses are awash in the classic colours of ivory, champagne, and pale blush.

Long sleeves are big this winter; with lightly laced and sheer sleeves being incorporated into many designs. Delicate embroidery, embellishments, and lace, are all key features of the 2016 winter bridal dresses.

From berry lipsticks to velvet accessories, this winter gives you some awesome wedding trends to play around with.

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