Weird and wonderful wedding traditions from around the world

Every culture and religion in the world has its own unique wedding traditions and customs, some a little more unusual than others. In the UK, our traditions include throwing the bridal bouquet and the bride wearing something borrowed, and something blue on her wedding day. In some other parts of the world weddings are celebrated in more dramatic ways.

Brides Magazine says:

“If you follow these traditions, the theory goes, you will find eternal joy with your soul mate. So, even if some Hindu brides must first marry a tree or some South Korean grooms must tolerate getting their feet whipped by family and friends, hopefully, it’s all worth it in the end. When love and happiness ever after are the outcomes, it’s usually a win-win for brides and grooms.”

Strange Customs Across Europe

One of the strangest wedding traditions in Europe comes from France. We usually think of France as the ultimate in class and sophistication with its Haute Cuisine, so you may be surprised at the stomach-churning wedding tradition called La Soupe. The tradition originally involved the wedding guests placing leftover food and drink into a chamber pot and the bride and groom drinking from it, supposedly giving the couple energy for the wedding night. Luckily, today the tradition has been modified; the bride and groom are now served a more appetising chocolate and champagne mixture. Unfortunately, it is still served in a toilet bowl.

In Germany, there is a custom that on the evening before a wedding, guests will gather at the bride’s house and smash crockery. The couple is then expected to clear up the debris to show that by working together they can overcome any challenges in married life. This custom is known as Polterabend, and it is believed to bring good luck to the bride and groom. A similar German custom called Baumstamm sagen is where the bride and groom are expected to saw a log in half in front of guests, again symbolising cooperation in marriage and to bring good luck and fortune.

The Most Bizarre Traditions Worldwide

In Mongolia, there is a strange and rather disturbing tradition performed before the wedding which involves killing and dissecting a baby chick. Couples wishing to get married must observe the ritual, removing the liver of a chick and inspecting it. If the liver is healthy the couple can then set a date for their wedding, if the liver is unhealthy, they must continue the process until they find a healthy liver.

The crying ritual is part of a wedding custom carried out in China. A month before the wedding takes place, Tujia brides are required to cry for one hour a day, then ten days later the bride is joined by her mother and ten days after that her grandmother. Eventually, the remaining female members of the family will join the wailing trio in the crying ritual. The ritual dates back thousands of years to the China Warring States era.

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