What to wear for a winter wedding – a guest’s guide

Christmas is the perfect time to get engaged for many couples, and for similar reasons, many more choose to say “I do” during winter too. The magic and romance of this colder season are undeniable, and winter weddings are truly beautiful as a result.

If you’ve been invited to attend a winter wedding this season, the go-to wedding guest outfit you relied upon for spring and summer just won’t cut it. As well as keeping out the chill, your winter wedding outfit has to be stylishly cool, so how can you achieve just that in time for that all-important winter wedding date?

Read on to discover the golden rules of dressing well for an upcoming winter wedding.

Do take note of the dress code

As with any wedding, taking note of the dress code that the happy couple has set is rule number one for any considerate wedding guest.

Whether you’re attending just for the reception or have the opportunity to spend the entire day celebrating their nuptials, you must abide by the dress code – the bride and groom’s wedding depends on it!

Thankfully, whatever the specified dress code, there are many stunning formal and casual winter wedding looks to choose from.

Don’t be tempted to fade into the background

As the season of sparkle, you don’t have to settle for a boring, forgettable winter wedding outfit, even as a guest, or risk upstaging the bride either!

We’ll let WeddingWire explain more about how to use the festive season (and a few well-chosen accessories) to your advantage:

“Winter provides a really underrated opportunity to sport some killer statement pieces, allowing you to play with long sleeves, length, materials, and bold metallic colours… There are numerous ways to inject some fun and character into a formal look without sacrificing the respectful presentation to the ceremony.”

Metallics are made for winter weddings. They’re great complements to the deeper, richer colours that are synonymous with the season – such as burgundy, navy, forest green and black – as well as a statement, glamourous look all on their own when used to embellish a maxi or cocktail dress.

Do opt for a long-sleeved look

Whilst the bride and groom will have prepared a few cosy touches to keep wedding guests warm throughout their ceremony and reception, it won’t hurt to don a long-sleeved look for extra comfort.

A long-sleeved dress or jumpsuit is certain to keep the chills at bay, especially if you’re attending all day. Your choice of fabric can also make a huge difference to those comfort levels.

Choose thicker, natural fabrics (like wool and velvet) to ensure a breathable, cosy layer that protects you from the harsh winter weather. For male guests, selecting a suit in wool, velvet or tweed is a great choice, and it’ll look super stylish too.

If you have your heart set on a short-sleeved number – slip dresses are big news this season – accessorise with a chic cover-up. A shawl, cape or faux fur jacket is an ideal alternative to a bulkier coat.

Don’t go open toe with your footwear

Those strappy, open toe heels may not be the best choice for a winter wedding so explore your options.

Pointed, rounded and closed-toe footwear or some stylish boots will be your best bet. Whatever you choose, make sure they’re comfortable, walking in heels in the snow can be a real challenge!


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