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Team LP
March 22nd 2019
What to do if you don’t want to do speeches
Here at Leez Priory, we’re always looking for unique ideas that break with tradition. Weddings are…
Team LP
March 15th 2019
Our top tips for choosing bridal undies
Every bride wants to look and feel a million dollars on their wedding day. While your wedding dress …
Team LP
March 1st 2019
Making sure you and your guests go the distance at your wedding
Your wedding guests will play an instrumental role on your special day. Just like your bridesmaids, …
Team LP
February 22nd 2019
A guide to table arrangements – from round to banqueting style
If you’re like most couples, you’ll probably find the table arrangements one of the most challen…
Team LP
February 8th 2019
Wedding videography – DIY or professional?
There are some wedding moments that are better captured on video. From your walk down the aisle to y…
Team LP
December 28th 2018
How likely is it to snow on your wedding day?
When selecting your wedding date, every season has its pros and cons. Early spring, for instance, ca…

Beauty treatments to avoid just before your wedding

December 7th 2018

Penning the perfect wedding thank you notes

November 16th 2018

Should your bridesmaids pay for their own dresses?

November 2nd 2018

Outdoor or indoor wedding ceremony?

October 26th 2018

Should I hire a teacher for my first dance?

September 28th 2018

Your first dance and planning choreography

September 3rd 2018
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