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Team LP
February 8th 2019
Wedding videography – DIY or professional?
There are some wedding moments that are better captured on video. From your walk down the aisle to y…
Team LP
December 28th 2018
How likely is it to snow on your wedding day?
When selecting your wedding date, every season has its pros and cons. Early spring, for instance, ca…
Team LP
December 7th 2018
Beauty treatments to avoid just before your wedding
Every bride wants to look their best on their big day, with a bridal glow one of the most beautiful …
Team LP
November 16th 2018
Penning the perfect wedding thank you notes
Whether you’ve just pulled off the indoor or outdoor wedding of a lifetime, hosted an intimate aff…
Team LP
November 2nd 2018
Should your bridesmaids pay for their own dresses?
Your bridesmaids will play essential roles on the big day and in the run up to your long-awaited, mu…
Team LP
October 26th 2018
Outdoor or indoor wedding ceremony?
We’ve all seen stunning imagery of couples tying the knot in the great outdoors. Whether it’s in…

Should I hire a teacher for my first dance?

September 28th 2018

Your first dance and planning choreography

September 3rd 2018

Wedding gift listing: Department store or online registry?

August 24th 2018

Top tips to get you to the church on time

August 3rd 2018

What to pack for your honeymoon

July 20th 2018

Getting a handle on wedding planning anxiety

July 13th 2018
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