Anna & Leon – 1st Anniversary

Today is our one year anniversary. We feel incredibly lucky that we were able to get married in exactly the way we wanted to and we feel for all those whose weddings have been cancelled since. I imagine our wedding was one of the last that took place at Leez Priory. We had 80 guests during the day and 100 in the evening… no social distancing, no masks. Just fun and enjoyment and being blissfully oblivious of how the world would change.

Today, to celebrate our anniversary, I made my boys dress up in our wedding clothes… including our 8 month old baby Hugo (you might remember I was pregnant when we got married). We listened to our wedding music and had a delicious afternoon tea made for us by a local business. It was wonderful.

It made me think of you and so here I am emailing you to say thank you for being so helpful and for making our day just how we wanted it to be.

I hope you are well and that you will soon be re-opening the doors of Leez Priory.


If you have any questions relating to having your wedding at Leez Priory, please don't hesitate to call Kristy via the contact details below:


T: 01245 362 555

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