Stuart and Lauren

May I just say a big thank you to all at Leez Priory who were involved in my daughters wedding; it really was the most perfect day in every respect – how about that sunshine?? I’m sure the venue looks great in any weather but with those clear blue skies it was just magical. I cannot thank the staff enough for their assistance on the day itself – everything was just fantastic. The feedback from guests on the food alone was absolutely second to none, which is quite an achievement when serving such a large party. In particular a big thank you must go to Suzy who was always in the right place at the right time and kept everything running so smoothly. She has the right personality and manner for the job she does – 100% first class. Everyone had a great time and there is not a single negative comment from anyone on any aspect of the day, so thank you once again for the part your staff played in making it such a happy and memorable occasion.

If you have any questions relating to having your wedding at Leez Priory, please don't hesitate to call Rebecca via the contact details below:


T: 01245 362 555