Easter Wedding Inspiration

What better time of the year to get married but in the spring time, not to mention Easter weekend! With the sun starting to shine, daffodils and crocuses smiling and the crisp but bright blue skied days plus all of the Easter eggs and treats- here are some great ideas to theme your wedding day like no other.

So where to start- pastel colours always spring to my mind at this time of the year. Subtle blues, yellows, pinks and greens are a delight to brighten up your wedding day, so pick a colour and then let the fun of planning your big day begin.

Have an Easter egg hunt, an Easter themed wedding cake and favours like mini eggs, cupcakes or bunny cookies.

Table decoration is another great area that you can theme around Easter. Chicks, eggs, birds nests, eggs in egg cups, napkins folded like bunny ears.

Not to mention what you could do with the centre piece. Some Brides prefer something more traditional so just flowers or candles, but if you are less than conventional you could always opt for an unusual egg or rabbit themed centre piece or add eggs to the flower arrangement.

So get your thinking cap on, let your imagination run wild, enjoy coming up with wonderful ideas and who knows it might just be the best wedding your guests ever attend.

Emma at Leez Priory


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