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Real Weddings
Kristy Pethers
June 5th 2019
‘When we first set our eyes on Leez Priory we literally thought it was a fairy tale venue’ – Stafford & Sophie’s Real Life Wedding
Stafford proposed to me on the 14th March 2016 at the top of a castle turret in the old city of Carc…
Real Weddings
Kristy Pethers
May 22nd 2019
Childhood Sweethearts – Chelsea and Mitchell’s Real Life Wedding
Tell us about the proposal… “Mitchell and I met when we were at school, I was 14 and he …
Real Weddings
Kristy Pethers
April 1st 2019
‘The most perfect day ever’… Kerry & Oscar’s Real Life Wedding
Oscar plucked up the courage 10 years ago in their local pub in front of their friends to pop the mi…
Real Weddings
Kristy Pethers
March 12th 2019
Mr & Mrs Jordan’s Real Life Wedding
Tell us about the proposal – how and where did it happen? I was 7 months pregnant and it was 6 day…
Real Weddings
Kristy Pethers
February 15th 2019
Summer Loving – Robin & Trina’s Real Life Wedding
Tell us about the proposal – how and where did it happen? It was on the Disney Dream Cruise Ship o…
Real Weddings
Kristy Pethers
January 21st 2019
“The moment we saw it we knew it was the one” – Charlotte and Lauren’s Real Life Wedding
A preview into Charlotte and Lauren’s love story from the perfect proposal in Thailand to the …

Mr & Mrs Higgins Stylish Summer Wedding

October 26th 2018

Dan & Demi’s Real Life Wedding

August 7th 2018

A Sneak Peek Into Dave and Violet’s Real Life Wedding At Leez Priory

July 9th 2018

Vicki & Jay’s Gaming Themed Wedding

May 31st 2018

‘Good things come to those who wait’ – Diana and Ian’s Real Life Wedding

April 23rd 2018

A Summer Throwback – Andrea & Ben’s Real Life Wedding

March 5th 2018
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