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Team LP
January 19th 2018
Venetian fantasies
Known as one of the most romantic cities in the world, Venice has, for centuries, bewitched and ench…
Team LP
January 5th 2018
Tudor dreams
In recent years, there has been a renewed flurry of interest in the Tudor era. Artists and writers a…
Team LP
December 29th 2017
Persian dreams
The country now known as Iran is steeped in thousands of years of history. Once known as Persia, it …
Team LP
December 20th 2017
In the country
There’s something utterly sublime about injecting a bit of rural charm into a wedding celebration.…
Team LP
December 8th 2017
The Viking touch
Leez Priory with its rich historical features and gorgeous surrounding landscape is the perfect loca…
Team LP
November 24th 2017
From catwalk to wedding day – transcending trends
Although wedding dress designers draw inspiration from a number of different sources, many look to t…

Donuts are the new cupcakes when it comes to weddings

November 17th 2017

Anglo-Indian: A style guide

October 20th 2017

The best romantic films to binge-watch with your bridesmaids

September 15th 2017

How to embrace a rustic wedding theme

September 8th 2017

Pondering whether to have an engagement photoshoot

August 25th 2017

Romantic shots from our Leez Priory photographers

August 18th 2017
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