The importance of canapés and what having them says about your wedding

Canapes being served

When planning a wedding, there are a lot of things to consider. From the dress to the deserts and the drinks to the dancing, you’ll have to plan every aspect of your big day from start to finish.

Canapes are often one of the areas that suffer first when couples are slimming down on their wedding budget. However, though it can be tempting to save the cash, the benefits that canapés bring to your big day far outweigh their cost. If you’re still unsure, keep reading to find out why these tasty morsels are an essential part of every wedding day.

Setting the tone

Enjoyed along with a glass of champagne before or after the wedding ceremony, canapés are generally the first part of your wedding menu guests will taste on the big day. As a result, they set the tone for the wedding. If they’re elegant and traditional, guests will expect the same from your full menu. If they’re colourful, creative and unusual, you’ll get your nearest and dearest excited about their upcoming feast, and if your canapés are underwhelming, your guests may well start to wish they’d had a sandwich or two on the way there.

Lining the stomach

It’s no secret that guests like to indulge in a few glasses of champagne at a wedding. As these drinks tend to take place in the middle the day, it’s important to ensure your guests have something to keep them going if you don’t want things to get too messy too quickly. As Ultimate Wedding Magazine says “if you’re serving a glass of champagne or other alcoholic drinks, [serving canapes] may also be to stop guests getting a little too tipsy before the main meal arrives”.

So unless you want great aunt Florence snoozing in the corner during the speeches, make sure the canapés are plentiful.


Keeping hunger at bay

If you’re getting married in the early afternoon, a lot of your guests won’t have eaten since they left home in the morning. If they have to wait until 5pm or 6pm for their next meal, there’s a good chance that many will start to flag due to lack of energy. A few tasty treats will help to keep hunger at bay, ensure your guests don’t grumble and keep everyone happy until dinner is served.

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