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Team LP
September 20th 2019
Best man duties explained
Being chosen to be best man at a wedding is an honour. It is more than being a glorified groomsman, …
Team LP
August 23rd 2019
Getting married – change my name or keep it maiden?!
There are a lot of decisions you need to make when planning a wedding. From choosing your dress and …
Team LP
August 2nd 2019
Is wedding insurance really worth taking out?
The cost of a wedding is up there with the purchase of a new car or the deposit on your forever home…
Team LP
July 22nd 2019
Best wedding travel services
It’s time to plan your honeymoon, but where do you start? With all the endless planning involved i…
Team LP
July 12th 2019
Top tips to make your wedding budget go further
Whatever your wedding budget, you can still have the day of your dreams. Crystal Marquee Hire say, …
Team LP
June 28th 2019
What are the most popular wedding dates?
Whether it’s because of superstitions or just down to convenience, there are some days of the year…

Last minute beauty bits to fit in before your wedding

May 31st 2019

5 signs you need a break from wedding planning

May 24th 2019

When’s the earliest or latest in the year to get married outside

May 17th 2019

Post wedding blues

April 20th 2019

Autumn wedding tips

April 12th 2019

Avoiding guest-zilla – calming overenthusiastic wedding party members

March 29th 2019
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