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Team LP
May 31st 2019
Last minute beauty bits to fit in before your wedding
Beauty preparations begin long before the wedding date for the vast majority of brides. Some even be…
Team LP
May 24th 2019
5 signs you need a break from wedding planning
Whether you’re having an outdoor or indoor ceremony, an intimate or elaborate affair, wedding plan…
Team LP
May 17th 2019
When’s the earliest or latest in the year to get married outside
The UK is home to some of the most beautiful countryside and idyllic views in the world. It’s no s…
Team LP
April 20th 2019
Post wedding blues
Sometimes, after months or even years of planning your wedding, the come down can be tough. The buil…
Team LP
April 12th 2019
Autumn wedding tips
An autumnal wedding is a great choice. It is a special time, when golden leaves litter the ground an…
Team LP
March 29th 2019
Avoiding guest-zilla – calming overenthusiastic wedding party members
Family drama can strike, whatever the occasion. Whilst most family members will leave their disagree…

What to do if you don’t want to do speeches

March 22nd 2019

Our top tips for choosing bridal undies

March 15th 2019

Making sure you and your guests go the distance at your wedding

March 1st 2019

A guide to table arrangements – from round to banqueting style

February 22nd 2019

Wedding videography – DIY or professional?

February 8th 2019

How likely is it to snow on your wedding day?

December 28th 2018
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