How to make that wedded bliss last long after the honeymoon

After the chaos of wedding planning and the joy of your big day, entering married life can be a reality shock for many newlywed couples.

There are many steps you can take to extend your celebrations and make that wedded bliss last much longer, even after you’ve returned from your honeymoon. Read on to discover the essential advice every newlywed couple needs to hear.

Find your own version of wedded bliss

Whilst everyone has their ideas of what makes a strong marriage, it is important to realise that no two couples are the same. This means your idea of wedded bliss may be very, very different from other couples.

Recognising what you both want and need from your marriage will help you set realistic expectations and relationship goals from the very beginning of marriage life, so you can move forward with your eyes wide open.

Keep making time for each other

After spending weeks or even months planning your wedding and being inseparable on your recent honeymoon, returning to everyday life can be a difficult transition. With work life and family commitments, you’ll find it increasingly difficult to find time for each other.

To make that wedded bliss last even longer, however, you should make time for each other wherever you can. Fatherly describes the kind of quality time you should aim to spend with your new husband or wife not just during those early days but throughout your married life:

“…spending time together is valuable and necessary. There are no real specific enjoyable activities that strong families prefer, but they do tend to show an appreciation for group adventures — even ones as simple and inexpensive as a spontaneous Sunday hike. In general, enjoyable time together means appreciating family rituals, sharing laughter and having gratitude for home everyone can return to.”

With more time spent together, you can make space for better communication. This will help you no-end when issues become apparent and you have to deal with them directly.

Make an effort with yourself

The vast majority of marriage advice is focused on your relationship as a couple but enhancing the relationship you have with yourself is just as, if not more, important for building the foundations of a healthy, long-lasting marriage.

‘Letting yourself go’ is a phrase that’s commonly associated with married life. This doesn’t just mean putting less effort into your appearance, however. Take care of yourself mentally, emotionally and physically to stay healthy, active and happy both individually and in your relationship.

Give your partner the same attention

After years together, you should be well-versed in tuning into your partner’s needs. There’s a tendency to let things slip once you’ve said your “I dos”. Make sure you’re giving your partner the attention and support they need as you move through life together, and ask for the same in return. It’ll keep you connected, even after many years of marriage.

Carry on dating – yes, really!

You may think that your dating days are over once you’re married but they don’t have to be. Going on regular date nights will keep that fire burning in the romance department, and strengthen the bond that led you down the aisle in the first place.

You don’t have to bust the budget when dating either. Check out these fun and free things to do just a stone’s throw away from Leez for date night (and day) inspiration.

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