Why go sustainable with your wedding gown?


Why go sustainable with your wedding gown?

As eco-consciousness grows in our everyday lives, the call for more sustainable practices is being felt across several industries, including the world of weddings.

The UK wedding scene has in fact become something of a trendsetter when it comes to eco-friendly wedding fashion. Brides are increasingly looking for ways to align their wedding day dreams with their passion for environmental responsibility, while a rising tide of bridalwear designers and vendors are catering to this need.

In this blog post, we take a closer look at how sustainability influences wedding fashion, the top designers putting sustainability first, and the tips that could help you complete your eco look.

So, what makes a wedding dress sustainable?

From ethically sourced materials to eco-friendly design practices, sustainability is becoming a defining feature of bridal attire. Branded as a ‘new tradition’, the classic wedding dress shopping experience is being transformed into a search for the perfect zero-impact bridal gown.

If you’re in the market for a sustainable wedding dress, there are certain to be a few boxes to tick in terms of its eco-friendly credentials. It all starts with the material. Sustainable wedding dresses are often crafted using fabrics that are ethically sourced and environmentally friendly. 

Designers are turning to organic cotton, hemp, bamboo and Tencel as alternatives to traditional, resource-intensive materials. The use of these materials proves that environmental harm can be minimised and a luxurious look enjoyed on your wedding day.

Are there any other eco-friendly factors to consider?

Whether the dress has been locally sourced and produced is another factor that ensures a reduced carbon footprint as well as a unique, handcrafted finish. Designers are regularly collaborating with local artisans and manufacturers to create pieces that they – and their brides – can be proud of.

They’re also adopting zero-waste principles when crafting their designs, using every inch of their chosen materials via innovative pattern-making techniques and efficient production processes to minimise waste.

Sustainable wedding dresses are designed with versatility in mind too. Dresses often feature detachable or convertible details to give brides the means to repurpose or rewear gowns for other occasions long after their big day has been and gone.

Which designers should I turn to for sustainable bridalwear?

There are a growing number of bridalwear designers who are embracing many of the eco-friendly principles mentioned above, and a long list of them are born and bred right here in the UK. Of the eco-conscious brands brides love, Luna Bea has to be one of our favourites.

Indiebride London is another well-known and much-loved sustainable, UK-based bridal brand. Here The Natural Wedding Company shares just some of the eco credentials that are getting brides excited to wear their incredible, handmade designs:

“From sourcing materials to the alterations, every element of the wedding dress-making process is carefully considered and delivered with exceptional customer service. Their exquisite laces, silk, bamboo and Tencel lyocell used throughout their designs are manufactured and sourced locally in the UK. Indiebride London wedding gowns are made-to-order, avoiding any unused dresses held in stock, with any off-cuts actively recycled and reused.”

How can I complete my eco-friendly wedding look?

Your wedding dress really is just beginning. Every detail can reflect your love for one another on your wedding day as well as your commitment to a greener, more sustainable future.

Team your eco-wedding gown with accessories and footwear made from sustainable materials. Alternatively, you could turn to vintage or second-hand pieces to complete your big-day look. You should be mindful of your beauty choices too. Opt for natural and cruelty-free hair and makeup products to enjoy a radiant and guilt-free bridal glow.

Encourage guests to contribute to a sustainable future by creating a gift registry that echoes your eco-friendly ethos. It’ll help you extend your celebration far beyond your wedding day and ensure this very special occasion makes a truly positive impact.

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