Should I set up a wedding registry?

What to wear for a wedding isn’t the only challenge facing the wedding guests of today. What to buy the happy couple as a wedding gift is a dilemma for countless guests. There is after all a growing list of etiquette rules to follow when purchasing wedding gifts, with how much to spend, whether to give cash instead, or deciding to buy as a group the common questions on every wedding guest’s lips.

The sheer choice of wedding gift inspiration available both online and off also doesn’t make buying a wedding present that the couple wants or needs any easier, but that’s where a wedding registry comes in…

The benefits of a wedding registry

The most obvious benefit of setting up a registry for your wedding is that it makes life (and gift buying) much easier for your guests.

By handpicking the gifts on your list, you don’t have to end up with presents that you don’t want or need, which saves that awkward “can I have the receipt?” conversation. There’s also no danger of you receiving two of the same gift, whilst any returns or refunds can generally be processed without any help from your guests meaning they’ll be none the wiser.

Registering for wedding gifts is now just as crucial as any other wedding planning task, with wedding registries commonly used by modern-day couples. Thanks to their popularity, wedding registries are better than ever, offering a huge selection of gifts as well as the chance to access and edit your registry online.

The downsides of gift registries

Whether their excuse is that they want the power to pick a present or the registration process seems too complicated for them, it’s safe to say that not everyone likes buying from wedding registries. Couples may also find the process of registering for gifts particularly time-consuming.

Deciding whether a wedding gift registry is right for you is a personal choice. But whilst you may not get the surprise of receiving a gift that you didn’t know about, the pros certainly outweigh the cons for many couples.

The best wedding registry websites

These days couples don’t have to go in-store to set up a wedding registry. The World Wide Web offers many choices for registering for gifts.

For an oldie but goodie, head to John Lewis to create a wish list to share with your wedding guests. For a larger range of gifting options, including the opportunity for your guests to give cash or contribute to your honeymoon fund, use the free online wedding gift list Zankyou.

Honeyfund is another gift registry that provides plenty of choices, and options to start a cash registry or give gift cards. Alternatively, join the UK’s favourite wedding gift list Prezola to register for gifts, subscriptions and honeymoon contributions.

Our top tips for setting up a registry

When it comes to setting up a wedding registry, timing is everything as Brides explains:

“This is a must. As long as you’re having a bridal shower, you really need to register for wedding gifts. Whether you opt for filling your wedding registry with traditional housewares, honeymoon funds, or newlywed adventures—guests at your shower will want the guidance to help them select the perfect gift, and you’ll be happy that you did.”

Before shopping for gifts to add to your registry, be sure to take stock of what you’ve got as well as what you want and need. Working with your fiancé to devise a gift list that works for you both is important.

You should also aim to over-register. Many couples double their guest list and register for at least that number of gifts to ensure a good range of gifting options. When selecting gifts, be considerate about your guests’ budgets by registering for gifts across a selection of price ranges.

Now your wedding guests are sorted, you may be thinking about what you should buy for your VIPs. Check out our top picks for bridesmaid gifts to get started.


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