How to find a flattering wedding dress for an inverted triangle body type

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An inverted triangle body type is one in which you have broad shoulders and a thin waist. Often women with this body shape will also have a larger chest. There are a number of wedding dress styles to choose if you are a woman with this body type. Read on for our advice on how best to flatter your shape with the right choice of wedding dress.

Balancing your shoulders

Some women with an inverted-triangle body type may want to balance out their shoulders for their wedding day. There are a number of styles of wedding dress that are ideal for balancing out strong shoulders. The mermaid style of wedding dress, which is slender on the bodice and then tapers out into a short trail (hence the name ‘mermaid’) is a great choice for an inverted-triangle body type. Another possible option is a ball gown dress, with a full skirt and tighter bodice.

In addition, going for a short gown can be another way to help balance out your shoulders. A shorter gown can draw attention to your legs and away from your upper torso. This means it can be great dress choice to choose if you already have a pair of gorgeous statement shoes in mind.

Wedding dressFlattering necklines to consider

V-neck and u-neck necklines flatter an inverted triangle body type, as they draw the eyes away from broader shoulders and emphasise the chest. If you feel self-conscious about having your chest more on show, you can also add a modesty piece to your dress. This is a better option than say, a high necked gown. It might sound counter-intuitive, but a high neck can be unflattering on a larger chest.

Accentuate your waist

Those with an inverted triangle body type have smaller waists, so it’s a great idea to highlight this area. Opt for dresses with a fitted bodice, like ball gowns, to bring attention to the waistline. Furthermore, consider a sash or a waist decorated with beading.

Consider the sleeves

What kind of sleeves would best suit a woman with an inverted triangle body type? Parisciel explore the kind of sleeves to look for:

“Most brides will opt for sleeveless wedding dress. If however you prefer a sleeve type wedding gown, go for diagonal cut sleeves as this will soften the shoulders area.”

Finding a flattering wedding dress for you

As a woman with an inverted triangle body type, look out for dresses with full skirts, v-neck necklines and a sash around the waist. As we’ve established in this series of posts, there really is a dress to suit every shape and size. You should expect to look your very best on your wedding day, and there are professionals out there to ensure that’s the case.

If you recently bought a dress along these lines, don’t hesitate to get in touch and let us know what dress you eventually chose!

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