What’s your big plan for your bridal gown?

So, you’ve found the perfect wedding dress and worn it with pride on the biggest day of your life, what next?

With the season of spring cleaning almost upon us, many brides who have recently tied the knot may be thinking hard about what they should do with their wedding dresses. There are more options than ever these days, especially if you want to give your bridal gown a second life. Here we explore how you can give your wedding dress the send-off it deserves…

Store it

Whilst there are of course eco-friendlier things to do with your wedding dress after your big day, there’s no shame in holding onto it. Whether you want to save it for your child for their wedding or plan to stare at it for a while and reminisce now and again, storing your wedding dress is a great option.

Getting your wedding dress professionally cleaned before you store it is vital as Honeyfund explains:

“Bridal dresses are complex garments with delicate fabric and embellishments. If improperly cleaned, stains can set in permanently. The fabric can also turn yellow over time. Specific cleaning techniques are suggested for different types of fabric and embellishments. Entrust the task to a professional dry cleaner who specialises in wedding gowns to ensure that the right treatment is performed.”

After dry cleaning, your bridal gown should be stored in an airtight box lined with acid-free archival grade tissue paper. The same tissue should be used to soften folds and fill the sleeves.

Frame it

Your wedding dress is your very own sentimental work of art, so why shouldn’t you frame it! There are framing companies that specialise in just that, meaning you can put your wedding dress on full display so it can be admired long after your wedding day.

Sell it

Reselling your wedding gown is an excellent way to recoup some funds post-wedding. A successful sale could even provide the spending money for your honeymoon or help you set up a home as a couple.

If your wedding dress is in great condition and less than two years old, you can usually achieve up to 50% of the retail price when reselling. Designer bridal gowns can sell for even more, whilst bespoke wedding dresses are sold widely to ensure a tailor-made gown at a discounted price for another bride-to-be.

Selling your wedding dress is simpler than you think thanks to the long list of websites that specialise in preowned bridal gowns. Our favourite used wedding dress marketplaces are Nearly Newlywed, Stillwhite, Sell My Wedding, and Bride2Bride.

Donate it

Donate your wedding dress to help brides in need and realise something more fulfilling than a quick cash boost.

Several charities around the world accept wedding dress donations. Some organisations pass these dresses onto military or low-income brides, others resell the dresses to fund different charitable projects, and a select few repurpose donated gowns into dresses for stillborn infants or students facing hardship and wanting to attend their high school proms.

Repurpose it

The average wedding dress is crafted using lots of material, which means there’s plenty to work with if you’d like to get creative with your gown.

Repurpose your wedding dress (or part of it) into pillows, curtains, separates, a cocktail dress, a christening gown or even a Christmas tree skirt to enjoy your gown in a whole different way!

Rent it

Wedding dress rental has become extremely popular in recent months, and for good reason. Renting your wedding dress instead of buying can make your big day budget go much, much further, with designer gowns that would otherwise be outside of your budget within easy reach. Renting is great for the planet too.

Whilst you won’t be able to keep it, you can rest safe in the knowledge that the gown you got to call yours for the day will be passed on to another bride who will adore and cherish it just as much.

Read more about the pros and cons of wedding dress rental here.

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