Here’s how to make your own wedding confetti

One of the most beautiful and iconic snaps in any wedding album is the confetti throw shot. Every marrying couple can’t help but delight at the image of them being showered in confetti by their loved ones as they make their exit as newlyweds, a fact that makes confetti a key wedding accessory for all.

Before you rush out to purchase a shop bought bundle of confetti, however, you’ll want to read our simple how-to guide.

1. Know your venue’s rules on confetti

Every wedding venue has its own rules when it comes to the use of confetti. For some venues, it’s a firm no but here at Leez Priory and the other venues that are a part of the Country House Weddings collection, we understand just how important it is to get that iconic confetti bomb shot.

As a result, we allow neutral coloured paper confetti to be thrown inside or fresh petals to be thrown outside. Our rules on confetti are designed to ensure every hiring couple feels right at home in our venues without the presence of confetti left behind from previous events.

Before you begin your confetti making project, make sure you’re clued up on your venue’s specific rules.

2. Decide between paper and fresh flower confetti

Whilst we permit the throwing of paper or fresh flower confetti at our venues, deciding between the two will help you kick-start your confetti making mission. Guides for Brides offers their advice on making this important decision:

“Aside from being a favourite for venues, real flower confetti has other benefits, too. The confetti pieces are usually much smaller and a range of different sizes which won’t stain your dress or clothes (should it rain on your wedding day). The petals also flutter nicely when thrown, making those all-important confetti shots even more beautiful.”

Real petals are a hugely sustainable option that’s natural and fully compostable. Those choosing to make paper confetti however may need to dig a little deeper to discover the eco-friendly materials they need. Biodegradable paper is the best and eco-friendliest option when making paper confetti.

3. Choose the perfect shades for your confetti

Choosing colours that complement, coordinate or even contrast with your wider wedding theme is a must, whether you’re opting for real petals or paper confetti. Neutral shades will photograph well whatever the setting of your confetti shots.

4. Start plucking those petals and cutting that paper

Once you’ve gathered your materials and selected your shade, it’s time to start the laborious but extremely rewarding task of plucking petals or cutting paper. Remember, the more confetti you have, the better the shot, so don’t be afraid to draft in friends and family members to help you make as much as possible.

Fresh petals should then be sun-dried. Arrange petals evenly on platters or trays and leave them on a sunny windowsill until dry and crisp.

If you’re short on time and your confetti making task has made it onto your last minute wedding checklist, fresh flower petals can be baked in the oven at low heat for 10 minutes to achieve a similar effect. Simply place evenly on a baking tray lined with greaseproof paper and bake in batches.

5. Store your confetti and countdown to your big day

After your petals have cooled or crisped naturally in the sunshine, they should be stored in an airtight container and placed in a cool, dry, dark place until your wedding day. In the meantime, don’t forget to work on your DIY confetti cones!

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