Should you invite work colleagues to your wedding?

If you’re not careful, a wedding guest list can grow and grow. There’s so many people worthy of an invite, individuals who played a vital role in your life and your relationship with your partner. There are also people who have had less of an impact on your life. The question is, where do you draw the line?

Wedding guests

When devising your guest list, your work colleagues are certain to be a consideration. These are the people you see every day of the working week. Obviously you needn’t invite your entire company to the nuptials, but deciding who makes the cut is a challenge. Read on for our expert advice on how to decide whether to extend an invitation to colleagues.

Most couples WOULD invite colleagues

According to research gathered by Office Genie, 77% of working people would invite at least some of their work colleagues to their wedding day. The survey found that just 3% wouldn’t invite any of their colleagues at all. Whether you choose to invite your work colleagues to your dream wedding is entirely up to you, and you’ll need to weigh up a variety of factors when making your decision.

Some people do extend their invitation to all of the people in their office out of courtesy, with most just inviting them to the reception part of the day. If you are hosting an intimate wedding, however, we’re sure your co-workers will understand the “family and friends only” rule.

Rating the closeness factor

If you’ve decided to invite a select few from your office, choosing who to invite is likely to come down to how close you are to each work colleague. Everyone has one or two colleagues that they chat to every day. You may even spend your lunch break with some of them. Brides (@brides) offers some great advice on determining just how close is close enough for a wedding invite:

“If you’re considering inviting a coworker to your wedding, don’t just pick the one you’re closest with compared to everyone else you work with. Consider how close you are compared to your non-work friends. Do you frequently go out for lunch or grab drinks after work? Do you ever see one another on weekends? Have you met one another’s significant others? If your friendship exists beyond the walls of your office, add them to the list! But if your office friendship doesn’t translate to your real life, you may want to save those seats for other friends or family members, instead.”

Discretion is key

Whether you choose to invite a select few or none of your work colleagues at all, following a few etiquette rules will make the whole scenario clear and less awkward in the run up to your big day. Although it’s tempting, try not to gush about your wedding plans at work. You’re not obligated to invite your boss or colleagues, but making your nuptials an office conversation topic might cause a little envy. To those you have invited, make it clear that they should be discreet. Discussing plus-ones, dress code and wedding gifts is also important.

Come your wedding day, etiquette rules still apply. Seating your guests with people they know, i.e. seating co-workers with co-workers, is recommended, but try not to force invited colleagues to mingle as the occasion unfolds. Your wedding reception should be fun for all, so let everyone socialise naturally.

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