How to find a flattering wedding dress for an athletic body type

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Your body type is one of the key things you should consider when shopping for your wedding dress. What looks flattering on one body type may look the opposite on someone with a different body shape. An athletic body type is one which is slender, well-defined, with smaller curves to the body. Dressing for this body type should involve emphasising the svelte shape and look to boost curves.

Highlighting curves

An athletic figure is svelte and striking and there are many dress styles on the market that are perfect for highlighting it. In addition to flaunting your body type, you may also wish to create the illusion of more curves.

Going for a full feminine skirt, as with a classic ball gown wedding dress, can help bring some more curves to your frame. It will make your hips appear wider, and can also balance out the top half of your figure. Try pairing a full skirt with a fitted waist, or a dress that draws attention to the waist with a ruched middle or a ribbon. It’s a great way of defining an athletic figure and building an hourglass curve.

Highlight curves

You and Your Wedding highlights:

“An exquisite waist belt works perfectly for an athletic figure.”

Furthermore, going for a dress with some elaborate stylings to the top half of the dress will help to cut a more curvaceous shape. Consider dresses with ruffles on the upper body, or other elaborations.

The ideal dress types for flaunting your athletic frame

If you’d like to find a dress which flatters your athletic body type but that has a feminine air to it, then opt for a fitted dress. A figure-hugging garment made from luxurious fabric (like silk) will flatter a slimmer figure. Other options tend to push feminine charm, such as sparkling embellishments, lace or ruffles.

In contrast, a wonderful way to embrace your figure and to highlight your slender frame, is by choosing a bridal jumpsuit. Bridal jumpsuits come in a range of styles, from feminine forms made from silk to those adorned with lace. You might even consider a simple, clear-cut design that screams class while eschewing fanciful additions.

Whatever type you like, a bridal jumpsuit looks incredibly chic and will make you stand out from the traditional bridal crowd. A bridal jumpsuit is the perfect choice for stylishly highlighting an athletic body type.

Dressing for an athletic figure

There are a number of flattering wedding dress styles for a woman with an athletic body type to choose from; from stylish jumpsuits to full-skirts, there are a variety of striking styles that you can easily pull off on your wedding day.

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