Bridal trends for 2017: Bridal Jumpsuits


Many brides wouldn’t think of wearing anything other than a gorgeous white dress on their wedding day, but if you’re looking for something totally original to wear then why not go for a wedding jumpsuit? Wedding jumpsuits look cool and classy, bringing an androgynous vibe, similar to a dapper man in a beautifully tailored suit.

Bridal jumpsuits are the perfect wedding day attire for a woman who is confident in herself and has always ignored traditional gender norms. If you wouldn’t be caught dead in a dress ordinarily, then why start on your wedding day? It’s most important that you feel confident, comfortable and happy on your wedding day, so don’t feel like you have to wear a huge white dress with a full skirt and sparkles, if it’s not your jam. A gorgeous, tailored white jumpsuit is the perfect answer to the question of wedding day attire for a woman who has always been a tomboy at heart.

Hannah Ollichon, a designer of bridal jumpsuits, captures why women should embrace a classy jumpsuit on their wedding day:

“‘In my opinion,’ says Hannah, “the whole wedding industry has changed drastically, people are breaking ‘traditional’ approaches and expectations, and are literally celebrating the way they want to; why can’t you still don the humble trouser and still feel just as special? Elegance has evolved…””

Perfect attire for one partner of a same-sex couple

Wedding jumpsuits are also a brilliant choice for a same sex couple. While it can look striking if you and your bride-to-be both tie the knot in a wedding dress that reflects your individual styles, going for a contrast between a jumpsuit and a dress will really help individualise and personalise your look. This is also an ideal choice if either you or your bride don’t particularly feel comfortable in a dress to begin with, as you’ll be making your bridal style even more your own.

While white is the classic bridal shade, you may prefer to experiment with a different shade of jumpsuit. Black is a classic hue and the shade that the groom traditionally wears. It will likely make a striking contrast to your bride-to-be’s white wedding dress. A black bridal jump suit in a tailored cut, without much embellishment or layers of other materials overlayering the body of the suit, would bring a classic look and feel to your suit. In contrast, going for a dark suit styled in lace would bring a womanly touch to a ‘harsher’ hue.

If you’re feeling particularly bold, then you might like to rock a bridal jumpsuit in a bolder colour, if brides are doing it with their dresses, then you can pull it off too. Remember to work with your color scheme and to go for a hue that flatters and brings out your skintone.

Bringing a softer look to the bridal jumpsuit

If you fear that a jumpsuit may look slightly too masculine, don’t fret. There are easy ways to look both cool and feminine in your wedding day jumpsuit. Going for a jumpsuit with a lace overlay is a great way to bring a feminine edge to your bridal look – lace, styled with floral designs looks incredibly striking on a bridal jumpsuit and helps soften those hard tailored lines for a more ladylike feel.

Changing fashions

Jumpsuits are a cool and alternative style of bridal attire, reflecting an evolution in bridal fashion. Will you embrace the white jumpsuit on your wedding day,  or will you stick to a traditional white wedding dress?

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