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Your wedding dress fabric is a very important part of your overall look for your wedding day, different fabrics will provide different finishes and make their impact in different ways. Below, we explore the most popular wedding dress fabrics, as well as fabrics that are more obscure.

Sumptuous silk

Silk is the classic wedding dress fabric; as well as one of the most beautiful that you can purchase, so choosing this fabric for your wedding dress will go a long way in helping you to feel chic on your wedding day.

However, while silk is undeniably the fabric of choice for a feeling of luxury – it is also very expensive (the most expensive of the wedding dress fabrics). A similar appealing look can be achieved with a slightly cheaper fabric, such as satin.

Gorgeous satin

Satin is another incredibly glamourous wedding dress fabric that is very popular among brides; satin is popular for its beautiful sheen that highlights both traditional cream and ivory dresses, and colourful wedding dresses alike. As mentioned above, satin is a gorgeous fabric but one that is more affordable than the coveted silk. Huffington Post highlights the allure of the satin wedding dress:

“Satin is undeniably luxurious. Silky smooth with a high sheen, it looks stunning under all lighting, even the harsh incandescent lights of the Closet. Gorgeous in ivory or white (or any color, really), it also brings out a boldness in red dresses that chiffon or organza just can’t match. And if the dresses looked rumpled or if there was an unsightly bulge or two, it was a too-tight dress wrinkled from rough handling. Satin was never to blame.”

Much maligned polyester

Polyester is not the most luxurious fabric that you think of when considering your wedding dress, however it’s a highly versatile fabric that can appear incredibly high-quality.

Rich charmeuse

Charmeuse is a light, airy fabric which has  a gorgeous finish – as Brides notes:

“Usually silk, but also synthetic, charmeuse is a light, rich fabric with a lovely drape and a glossy sheen. “Charmeuse has a gorgeous liquid effect that’s slinky, but it’s not so forgiving,” says Hall. Most often cut on the bias (diagonally across the grain to encourage its drape) and used in column dresses, charmeuse is incredibly luxurious, but it does show every flaw.”

Bride in wedding dressLuxurious lace

Classy, chic and timeless: lace is a wonderful fabric for a woman who wants to look stylish and effortlessly glamorous on her wedding day.

Regal taffeta

Whether authentic silk taffeta, or a high-quality imitation, a dress of rustling silk taffeta can give you a real princess feel.

Ethereal tulle

Tulle brings texture and form: think the beautiful netted dresses of ballerinas. Tulle is transparent and lightweight – perfect for a full skirt.

Sexy organza

Organza is lightweight and ethereal in look, The Knot explores its charms:

“Crisp and sheer like chiffon, with a stiffer texture similar in effect to tulle, but more flowing; popular for skirts, sleeves, backs, and overlays.”

Choosing a fabric

The many bridal dress fabrics on offer can seem overwhelming, before picking out your fabric consider your budget, wedding theme, and your desired overall look.

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