Makeup tips for redheads

Red haired girl

As a redhead, makeup can be a tricky area to master. How do you compliment the beautiful fiery tones in your hair and avoid clashing with the classic shades of most eyeshadows and lipsticks? Read on for our advice on the makeup shades and styles to go with for your wedding day.

Experiment with lip colour

As a redhead, you may shy away from a range of pretty, or more vibrant hues, fearing that they won’t work with your hair colour. But, surprisingly to some, redheads can pull off a range of lipstick shades. Red looks particularly beautiful on a pale-skinned redhead, providing a gorgeous pop of colour, red will make sure you look healthy and radiant and will play against red hair, beautifully highlighting the tones in your hair, rather than clashing against them.

In addition, you might think that pinks clash with red hair, but they can look fresh and pretty with red hair, providing a more delicate, romantic feel to your wedding day look.

It’s all about the dark liner

As a redhead, you’ll rock some dark eyeliner, dark makeup looks more intense and striking on pale skin tones. Dark eyeliner also provides a fabulous contrast to the warm tones in your hair and the pale tones of the skin.

Play around with different looks, considering whether you’re after a natural, low-key look, or something more dramatic. Tightlining is great for a natural look, it involves lining the eyes with dark liner, as close to the lash line as possible. Tightlining makes your eyes appear wider and your lashes appear thick and dark in tone. Tightlining is best done with a gel linger, as it can be applied closely to the lashline and will provide a thin line, rather than a line that is thick, or chalky, akin to the results you’ll get with a pencil, or liquid liner.

For a bolder look, why not go for a thicker line, or opt for a flirty cat eye? Cat eye’s are back in Vogue and are easy to do, after you’ve had some practice. A cat eye involves lining the eyes as you’d traditionally do so, but then flicking the line up and out, opening up the eyes.

Finish off your look with lots of mascara, redheads tend to have pale lashes, so lashings of mascara will play up your eyes beautifully. Opt for futtering, natural (ish) false lashes to bring some high glamour to your look, wispy, or demi wispy styles are the most flattering of the strip lashes style, or go for individual lashes for a natural look (just be sure to practice applying them in the months before your wedding, as they can be a challenge to apply).

Eye shadow shades

As a redhead, you’ll look stunning with golden and copper tones that simultaneously play up every eye colour, as well as red locks. But you’re not just restricted to one colour palette, as Schwarzkopf note:

“Time has done away with many rules. No longer is the eye make-up of redheads restricted to the color green. Of course, peat, olive and khaki still bring out the special beauty of redheads but now you can add other colors to your eye makeup as well. There are for example warm eye-shadows like gold, copper, cinnamon, rust and nutmeg, which blend harmoniously with the special features of redheads. If you are about to create a particularly sophisticated look you should reach for contrast colors like lilac, plum, teal or turquoise. You may of course also dispense with eye shadow altogether and use nothing but an eyeliner to create soft accents.”

Redheads – embrace dark eyeliner, full lashes, vibrant red and cool baby pink lipsticks! There are so many shades and styles to play with for your bridal beauty look.

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