Same-sex weddings: our tips for coordinating your big day style

When it comes to wedding day style, any marrying couple can throw out the rule book thanks to the wide range of designs, styles, shades and bespoke wedding looks on offer. Despite this, many brides and grooms look to wedding tradition to solve those all too common dress code dilemmas with the white dress and classic 2- or 3-piece suit the go-to combination.

These wedding style rules may not apply to partners tying the knot at a same-sex wedding. Whether your preference is a suit, dress or something altogether different, the secret to nailing your big day style is coordination.

By coordinating in some way, you can demonstrate the unity that every wedding day is all about. Read on to discover our top tips for coordinating your big day style.

Use colour to your advantage

Colour is a powerful tool in the average wedding scheme. The right colour choices can help to bring together the many different aspects that make a wedding, including your wedding day ensembles.

Even if you’re donning different suits, both wearing bridal gowns, or opting for the wedding suit and dress combo, having a colour in common or rocking complementary shades is a great way to show uniformity without completely matching.

Twinning isn’t necessarily winning

Whilst we’re certainly not against matching styles, looking like twins is often seen as a same-sex wedding style faux pas. Even if you do want to go for the same style or shape, using details to differentiate your wedding looks is important.

Weddingbee provides some fantastic style tips to help you and your partner avoid over-coordinating, and as you’ll discover you can be as obvious or as subtle as you like:

“Try to change at least one noticeable detail. For example, if you both decide on the same tux, wear different colored jackets (e.g., black and white). Or, have one bride leave her hair down while the other does an up-do. Accessories can also be very useful in transforming an outfit, as can opposing shades of lipstick.”

Contrasting matching wedding day looks with accessories will enable you to demonstrate your personal style whilst remaining in sync as a marrying couple.

Rewrite the wedding style rules

If you don’t like the idea of the white wedding look, you don’t have to stick with tradition. At a same-sex wedding, white doesn’t even have to feature in your wedding colour palette if that’s not your preference.

There are so many stunning looks of varying colours that will leave you looking and feeling wedding-ready without any white in sight.

Hit your own style goals

Whether it’s two brides, two grooms or two individuals without any labels at all, rule number one of finding your perfect wedding style is aiming to hit your own style goals. Personalising your wedding outfit will showcase your style and individuality in the most wonderful way.

Whilst coordination is a factor, you should always choose an ensemble that you adore and feel incredible in. When you both look and feel amazing, you’re guaranteed to complement each other perfectly.

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