How to make your proposal as intimate as possible

Despite the rise of professional proposal planning services and marriage proposals becoming more elaborate and extravagant as a result, an increasing number of people are looking for a more intimate vibe when they pop the question.

According to this research, 51% of proposals take place in private, far away from prying eyes, to ensure an extra special and sentimental moment that can be shared between just the two of you. Read on to discover the top tips that will help make your proposal as intimate as possible.

Remember, home is where the heart is

Proposing in a place where you and your partner are at their most comfortable is one simple way to ensure an intimate vibe, so what better place than your humble abode?

With the right planning, proposing at home can become a super special moment that’s particularly memorable and unique. The Knot shares a few clever and creative ideas that are certain to be a hit with your partner:

“Make your partner work for the proposal by planning a scavenger hunt throughout the house. No matter where the game takes them, the last spot should lead them to you holding the ring (or the ring box in a secret hiding spot). This proposal idea at home is a must for adventure-loving couples… Play a game you both love, or make up your own game from scratch (we love the idea of creating a trivia game about your relationship history).”

We also love the idea of recreating a favourite place or moment in your relationship history in your very own home.

Whether that special occasion or meaningful moment was the time you spent together having a romantic meal somewhere far, far away or a cosy evening toasting marshmallows in your parents’ back garden, revisiting this on the night of your engagement will add a certain nostalgia that’s utterly romantic.

Take your proposal outdoors

You don’t have to stay indoors to conduct your intimate proposal. An outdoor location can work just as well and be equally as unforgettable.

Winter is often billed as the season to pop the question – with Christmas being the perfect time to propose for many – thanks to its instantly intimate and snug vibes. If the weather is far from ideal, however, you don’t have to delay your outdoor proposal. Setting the scene with a few cosy touches can keep things warm and romantic, whatever the forecast.

Keep your proposal personal

Adding a personal touch to your proposal – whether that’s with the words you say, the props you use, or the place you choose to stage it – is a must for intimate and extravagant proposals alike.

Demonstrating exactly what your partner means to you and how excited you are to take that next step in your relationship will bring everything back to the most important thing – the love you share.

Stay grounded with a simple setup

Whilst it’s all too tempting to go crazy with the props, especially if you plan to propose at home, going over the top isn’t always the edge you need to wow your partner.

Keep props simple but distinctive to ensure a meaningful proposal. For example, instead of filling your lounge with hundreds of roses, present your partner with a hand-tied bouquet of their favourite flowers.


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