Fun wedding proposal ideas

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Have you found the perfect ring for your girlfriend? Are you now turning your mind to the big proposal? Many men want to make their proposals a truly special and memorable event for their girlfriends; read on for our favourite fun proposal ideas, for some fabulous inspiration.

Turn your proposal into a scavenger hunt

Is your relationship playful in nature? Your girlfriend may just love going on a scavenger hunt to find her ring. You can place notes around your flat, around a favourite romantic haunt, or somewhere that she regularly frequents (such as the library or cinema). Other people enlist friends and family members for their proposal scavenger hunts, asking them to meet their future fiance at various places in the city to pass on clues to the whereabouts of her ring.

This can be a lovely way to celebrate her favourite haunts and can be a gorgeous way to bring loved ones into the proposal.

Ask her with a book

We love the idea of proposing to a book lover using a page from the current novel she’s reading. A writer at Hitched explains the charm of this approach, “If your other half loves to read, why not put a note in their current book for them to find? Talk about a page turner.”

Recreate your first date

Take your girlfriend to the place where it all began, and recreate your first date. This simple yet romantic proposal idea is sure to win her over.

Say it with a pet

Has your girlfriend always wanted a puppy or kitten? Buying your loved one a pet, and attaching a tag that pops the question, is a charming way to ask your partner to marry you. If you already have a pet, or she has a much loved family pet, then you can easily bring them into the proposal using this adorable method.

An engagement ring placed on a flower

Say it with art

A super-fun wedding proposal, that went viral on Reddit, involved a young man commissioning quirky scenes of his wedding proposal to different illustrators. He left a trail of beautiful illustrations for his girlfriend to find on Reddit, as she used the platform every morning. The couple now have their own art business, where they receive frequent requests from couples for proposal art.

Capture it in a photobooth

Take your girlfriend out to a photobooth and capture the moment on film. This approach is fun and quirky, and will give you a lovely memento of the special moment for the future.

On the bottom of a mug

Is your partner an avid coffee drinker, or a tea lover? If she is, then why not get the question printed on the bottom of a tea mug? We love the element of surprise, and this is a wonderful option for a laid back couple.

Make it memorable

Your proposal is such a special moment in your relationship and there are lots of fun ways to make the moment more memorable.

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