How to have a G&T inspired wedding

Although it’s always been a staple of the British summertime, it’s only really in the last few years that gin and tonic has exploded in popularity. You can now find high end, artisanal gins in almost every shop and pub in the country. Often made with unusual flavours and spices, these gins are helping to make our after work cocktails truly special.

gin & tonic wedding

If you’re a lover of all things gin, why not make your celebration even more memorable by incorporating G&T into your wedding day? Run the theme through a variety of elements to give your celebration a unique flavour.

Gin bar

The most obvious way of incorporating gin and tonic into your wedding day is to arrange for your very own gin bar. Offer your guests a choice of gin-based drinks to enjoy and provide them with a variety of different gins to sample. If your venue is organising the drinks, make sure you talk to them at least a few months before the big day so they have time to buy in the right supplies.

Personalised gin cocktail

A lot of couples opt to serve a bespoke cocktail on their big day. If you’re a gin lover, G&T is the obvious choice. Put a twist on your drink by choosing a spiced gin or a sloe gin or by asking bar staff to include extras like juniper berries, coffee beans or pepper in the drinks.

Table names

Carry your theme through to your wedding breakfast by naming each table after a different gin brand. As @hitchedcouk suggests, “You can name each table after a different type of gin and then use that particular bottle as the centrepiece for that table, or use miniature versions of that gin in your wedding favours.

Lemon tree centrepieces

Everyone likes a squeeze of lemon with their G&T, so why not provide your guests with a hit of citrus by placing a small lemon tree on each of your tables. This eye-catching plant will make a fantastic centrepiece and ensure your guests don’t run out of lemons before the night is done.

Gin favours

A great way to use gin in your wedding is to give all grown up guests a small bottle of the spirit as a favour. If you want to personalise the gift, you could search for a company that makes bespoke gins and ask them to bottle a specially brewed batch for you. Alternatively, you can personalise the gin yourself by flavouring a standard spirit with sloe berries.

Gin candleholders

In the months leading up to your wedding day, try to save up all of your old gin bottles. You can then place candles in these holders and use them to decorate your venue. However, before you begin making your candleholders, it’s important you check with your venue that open flames are allowed.

You’ll find more ideas on planning a bespoke wedding, and finding the perfect venue, on our site. Take a look around to find out more.

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