Why choose an outdoor ceremony?

Outdoor ceremony at Leez

When considering your wedding ceremony options, you can’t go far wrong with a beautiful outdoor ceremony. This kind of ceremony allows you to celebrate in charming bohemian fashion, and to make the most of beautiful venue grounds. It’s a superb way of enjoying your chosen wedding season.

Make the most of your season

An outdoor ceremony allows you to celebrate in the beautiful weather of your chosen season. Each period has something to offer, whether it’s the crisp backdrop of snow in the winter, the lush green of the summer, the blooms of spring or the blanket of golden leaves in the autumn.

Leez Priory ceremony

A more deeply personalised and individual wedding

Another bonus of hosting an outdoor ceremony is the fresh and unique feel it brings to your wedding day. Most people choose to hold their ceremonies indoors, favouring tradition over modern. However, being in the outdoors will be memorable for your guests. It will also feel much more personal, since it’s a conscious and obvious theme choice.

Leez Priory is a top venue for many couples looking to host their ceremony outdoors. The Great Tudor Manor boasts impeccable grounds dotted with ancient trees, lakes and immaculate lawns. The warm red hue and elegant appeal of this venue sets an endearingly romantic tone. In addition, both the grounds and the house will be completely yours for the entirety of your wedding day and following celebrations.

Closer view Leez outdoor ceremony

A romantic bohemian feel

Leez Priory is a great choice for a couple looking to host a bohemian wedding ceremony. The striking grounds and romantic courtyard are ideal places to hold the ceremony. We can arrange for chairs, flowers and a centre table, all set up in whatever arrangement you’d like. In addition, being outdoors allows for a smooth transition into the actual celebrations!

The Priory is a fantastic location for wedding day feasts. You can treat your guests to an outdoor BBQ, or treat them to a classic hog roast. This is a very popular choice for many couples. If that wasn’t enough, you can arrange outdoor games for locations around Leez Priory. We can also arrange an ice-cream bicycle in the summer months.

Outdoor ceremony held at leez priory

Don’t forget to inform your guests

If you are considering an outdoor wedding ceremony, be sure to let your guests know before the event, as Veteran Terrace note:

“Inform your guests that it will be an outdoor ceremony. You would think this would be self explanatory but I’m always surprised by the amount of guests that show up unaware that the ceremony is outdoors. Maybe that warmer jacket didn’t match her outfit, but I bet Aunt Betty would have worn it anyways or at least brought it if she had known she would be spending 20 minutes outside on a late September afternoon. Afraid it will look tacky on your beautiful invitations? Print a small note on some matching paper to put in the invitation envelopes. Then guests have no excuse for being unprepared. And they’ll appreciate being informed.”

There are many charms to an outdoor wedding ceremony. If you’d like to learn more about holding your wedding at Leez Priory then please get in touch with a member of our team today.

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