Serve your signature cocktail at your reception

Drinks are an important part of most weddings. Helping guests to relax, have fun and stay hydrated, your bar is likely to be one of the main focal points on the big day. Although most guests will be happy with standard beverages like beer, wine and soft drinks, serving up a few cocktails will help to add even more of an indulgent and celebratory feel to proceedings and get your reception off to exactly the right start.

Wedding cocktails

How to choose your signature cocktail

If you’ve decided to treat your wedding guests to a mouthwatering signature cocktail, the first thing you need to do is choose your beverage. If you consider yourself something of a cocktail connoisseur, you might already have an idea of the type of cocktail you want to serve. Try to select a drink that can be easily made in batches. This will help to save your bartenders’ time and save you money.

If you’re unsure what type of cocktail to serve, ask your venue for recommendations. They’ll be able to talk you through the available options and help you find a drink that matches your tastes and your budget perfectly. If you can’t decide on just one drink, why not have His ‘n’ Hers cocktails and let your guests choose their favourite?

Going seasonal

Another great way to choose your signature cocktail is to take inspiration from the seasons. As @Brides suggests, “Consider using fresh ingredients and picking a cocktail that flows well with the season. It will be easier to drink and more fitting with your overall wedding theme.” So if you’re getting married in the summer, think light, crisp flavours like mojito and daiquiri. Autumn weddings are perfectly suited to more sultry flavours like Moscow Mules and whiskey sours while in winter you can serve indulgent drinks like White Russians and Old Fashioned.

When to serve your signature cocktail

There are a number of options when it comes to serving your signature cocktail. You could hand out glasses of your specially designed beverages when guests arrive at the reception venue, distribute glasses when it’s time for the speeches or hold your very own cocktail hour at some point during proceedings.

Accessorising your cocktail

You can make your signature cocktail look even more impressive by dressing glasses with a few accessories. Take inspiration from the wedding theme or from the cocktail ingredients and add fruit, flowers, eco-friendly straws and other decorations to the glasses. Talk to your venue about the accessories they can provide.

A fantastic way to get your guests in the party mood, a signature cocktail will help to make your celebration even more personal. Find out more about adding bespoke touches to your special day by exploring our site today.

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