Wedding cocktail ideas

Wedding cocktails being served

A decadent feast, a killer venue, some feel-good live music, each element is an obvious component to your wedding entertainment plan. Equally important is your drinks menu. Read on for our list of the best wedding day cocktails.

Blueberry mojitos

This traditional Cuban highball is sweet and simple: white rum, sugar, lime juice, soda water, and mint. You can easily bring a bridal twist to the drink by throwing in some blueberries and turning it into a blueberry mojito. Perfect for a quirky take on your something blue.

Elderflower cosmopolitans

The cosmo is a classic favourite, arguably made all the more popular by the hit show ‘Sex and the City’. Combining: vodka, triple sec, cranberry juice, and freshly squeezed or sweetened lime juice, this drink is sweet and refreshing, perfect for a warm summer’s day. To add a touch of wedding elegance, why not include the edition of elderflower?


The adorable name of this cocktail really inspires the feeling of summer, and with its super fresh ingredients, it’s the ideal choice for a summer wedding. This zesty cocktail combines tangerine schnapps, vodka, tangerine juice, and orange or tangerine peel, for garnish.

Boozy milkshakes

Do you and your future husband or wife have a super-sweet tooth? Is date night spent sharing a sweet shake or slice of cake? A boozy milkshake may be the perfect signature drink for you.

The ingredients are simple: whizz up your favourite milkshake flavour, whether it’s a classic banana or strawberry shake, or a more decadent or fantastical flavour, and combine with your spirit of choice (vodka tends to go well with a variety of delicious flavours).

Champagne cocktail

Champagne, the quintessential wedding drink. Why not shake up this old classic by turning it into a delicious cocktail? Champagne combines beautifully with a wide variety of ingredients, have a play around and see what enlivens your taste buds.

Rose cocktails

Rose is beautifully romantic, aromatic, pleasing, and sensual, you are likely to have included this beautiful flower in your wedding already. Bringing in an element of rose to any classic cocktail will really elevate its charm and romance.

A hot chocolate and a chocolate bar

Boozy hot chocolate

If you’re planning a winter wedding, the idea of making the boozy hot chocolate your signature drink may make your heart sing. Coffee liqueur, cream, and a dash of nutella, it’s a wonderful take on the frosty favourite, and is bound to be a crowd pleaser.

The finishing touches

Killer ingredients aside, there are many ways to turn your wedding day cocktails into special signature drinks. Pouring your cocktails into interesting bottles, decorated with specialized labels, is one way to make any drink your own. You can also top your cocktails with fun toppers, such as sparklers, flags, or the classically fun umbrellas.

Your signature drink

Finding your signature cocktail is easy enough, consider the time of year you’re holding your wedding, your favourite cocktail ingredients, and reflect on quirky additions to make each drink your own.

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