In the country

There’s something utterly sublime about injecting a bit of rural charm into a wedding celebration. Too often we see weddings as only opulent and decadent affairs, where gold and silver reign supreme; however, there is a growing trend for keeping things simplistic yet romantic. Leez Priory venue is drenched in rural beauty, so we thought it would be a good idea to discuss ways in which to add that touch of countryside splendour to your wedding reception.

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Tone it down

At any of our venues, whether it be  Leez Priory or Gosfield Hall, the general theme is always elegant, but for your wedding reception, ratch up the rustic vibe by keeping embellishments to a minimum. Embrace rich Autumnal tones like mulberry and purple, or more muted colours. For example instead of having large crystal vases, search for some antique jam jars instead, these will make a splendid and cute alternative. Also, fill them with fresh old English flowers, like lavender and primroses.

Rural must haves

Rustic candle holders

Yes, we’re back to the jam jars for a second time, but they are very useful and do act as the cherry on the cake for a countryside themed wedding. This time find a range of jars, from tiny to large, in a variety of rural colours, like emerald green and sunshine yellow, and have candles from tealights to church candles placed inside. For an evening reception, the mix of colours and the warm heavenly glow will look so very romantic, creating a warm intimate vibe.

Proper copper

For years, the copper mug, bowl etc was much maligned, fit only for your old granddad to drink out of at the allotment; however, times have changed greatly, and everything from copper cutlery to dishes and mugs are in fashion. A marked change from using silver or gold to adorn your wedding tables, a copper tankard instead of a crystal champagne glass will give a delightful touch of the rural to your reception.

Copper kettle

Harvest centrepiece

The harvest, something that rolls round every few times a year, is a time for much celebration in the country, so take this as your cue to get creative. Leave the roses and lilies to one side for a moment and make a beautifully golden bunch of wheat take centre stage. As Rustic Wedding Chic writes on the subject of using wheat:

“It is classic country yet simple and elegant and adds the perfect  rustic touch. The first thing to consider is how you want to display the wheat at you wedding, do you like the bundled look or would you rather have it arranged in a vase? If you like the bundled look think about lining them up down long tables or adding them to your wedding ceremony on either side of your aisle.”


A country feast

Countryside weddings were (and still are) a fabulous time to create a wholesome and abundant feast. From suckling pig to rich tarts and pies, think carefully about which rustic fare you will have on the menu. Depending on the season, think about having game, like pheasant and pigeon as an alternative to things like roast pork or beef.

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