Donuts are the new cupcakes when it comes to weddings


For a few years, it looked like the traditional wedding cake was going to be replaced by the cupcake. Couples around the world had fallen in love with these diminutive sponges and more wedding ceremonies were culminating in the cutting of a perfectly iced, oversized cupcake. However, the cupcake appears to have fallen out of favour recently.

It’s perhaps because something even better has come along: the donut.

Even more delicious and indulgent than the cupcake, the donut is a fantastic choice for couples who want something a little different from their nuptial bake. As wedding chicks says:

“They are a tasty treat, everyone loves them and they are less expensive than a traditional wedding cake. You can get creative on how you opt to display them, matching even the fanciest wedding themes.”

Tiered donut cakes

DonutsIf you’re planning on using donuts as the centrepiece to your wedding table, a tiered donut cake is the perfect choice. You can have any number of donuts on each layer of the cake and can even pile up two or three layers of the baked delight before placing a firmer layer of card or ceramic on top. Gradually build the donuts up into a pyramid shape and then drizzle the whole thing with your favourite topping. Like cakes, donuts can be embellished with icing and edible decorations. Get creative with your finishing touches to make your donut dessert look truly irresistible.

Oversized donuts

Instead of opting for a tiered donut cake, you could try a giant doughy ring as your wedding centrepiece. Although not all bakeries will be able to do this, some will be able to offer you extra large donuts that you can then stack into a mouthwatering tower. This is perfect if you want to slice through your ‘cake’ from top to bottom when it’s time to cut the dessert.

Tailor your flavours

One of the best things about having donuts instead of a single cake or cupcake at your wedding is that it allows you to go all out on your flavours. Have your donuts filled with caramel, chocolate, strawberry, peanut butter and anything else that takes your fancy.

You can then ice them with complimentary flavours and cover them in sprinkles. As donuts allow you to incorporate a number of different flavours into a single tiered or stacked ‘cake’, you can cater to lots of different taste buds and ensure everyone at your wedding leaves feeling satisfied.

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