Bridal trends for 2017: Bridal Jumpsuits

Many brides wouldn’t think of wearing anything other than a gorgeous white dress on their wedding day, but if you’re looking for something totally original to wear then why not go for a wedding jumpsuit? Wedding jumpsuits look cool and classy, bringing an androgynous vibe, similar to a dapper man in a beautifully tailored suit. […] read more

posted on 23rd Jun 2017

Though the majority of brides will choose a beautiful white dress for their big day, most still want their gowns to stand out from the crowd. A good way to make your wedding outfit unique is to opt for a skirt and top, instead of a dress. By wearing a two-piece instead of a one […] read more

posted on 16th Jun 2017

It can be hard to pinpoint killer makeup shades for blondes, as there’s such a wide variety in the shade of blonde hair you can possess. Read on for our advice on picking the right shades for you and how best to style the rest of your makeup for your wedding day. The foundations of foundation […] read more

posted on 9th Jun 2017

As a redhead, makeup can be a tricky area to master. How do you compliment the beautiful fiery tones in your hair and avoid clashing with the classic shades of most eyeshadows and lipsticks? Read on for our advice on the makeup shades and styles to go with for your wedding day. Experiment with lip […] read more

posted on 2nd Jun 2017

Looking for advice on the best shades to go for as a brunette? Read on for our makeup guides for brunettes. The best eye makeup Eye makeup for brunettes should depend on your eye colour, as well as your hair colour and skin tone. In general, warm mocha shades will flatter brunette women, Schwarzkopf explore the […] read more

tags: beauty, makeup 

posted on 26th May 2017

There are many ways to play up the beauty of your raven-coloured locks on your wedding day. Crystal accessories and the ivory hue of a wedding veil both look striking with darker hair , but how do you pick the right makeup to bring out your hair colour and make your features stand out? Go […] read more

posted on 19th May 2017

There is something incredibly romantic and fun about the ballerina look and what better day to recreate this look than on your wedding day? From ballerina buns, to full wedding dress skirts – there are many ways to bring the ballerina sparkle into your wedding day look. The Dress When it comes to the dress, […] read more

posted on 12th May 2017

When planning your wedding it’s important to consider the kind of mood you wish to cultivate on your wedding day. Everyone considers their colour scheme, decor and song choice – but many couples forget to think about how they can cultivate an ambiance in a notable way. Read on for our advice on the key […] read more

tags: ambiance 

posted on 5th May 2017

The politics of finances between friends can be tricky – no where is this more apparent than on your wedding day. What should bridesmaids pay for and what should the bride pay for? Read on to find out. Who pays for what when it comes to a bride and her bridesmaid is never a simple […] read more

posted on 28th Apr 2017

Where did the traditional white wedding come from in the UK? Well, in this post, we explore the rise of marriage as a sign of affluence and a celebration of romantic love and trace its roots back even further, to when marriage was seen in purely political and religious terms. The roots of marriage: religious […] read more

posted on 21st Apr 2017

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