Festive wedding makeup ideas

A festive wedding holds a special charm and magic, so you’ll want to capture the beautiful feel of the season in your wedding day makeup. From a frosty, sultry smokey eye, to a berry lip, we explore our favourite festive wedding makeup looks below. A bold lip Festive makeup is all about the bold lip […] read more

posted on 24th Feb 2017

The music you choose for your wedding reception will set the tone for the event. As A Practical Wedding points out, “It isn’t always as simple as playing a few of your favorite songs and hoping everyone will join in.” Go classical and you’ll create a fairly formal feel on the day. Go cheesy and you’ll […] read more

posted on 17th Feb 2017

A diamond engagement ring is a classic, but you may be looking for something more unique for your bride-to-be. There are many wonderful alternatives to choose from; with a variety of colourful gems and alternative cuts of ring to choose from. You’re spoiled for choice when it comes to picking out the perfect engagement ring […] read more

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posted on 10th Feb 2017

Choosing your bridesmaids can be a stressful task. Many may be expecting a place in your bridesmaid line-up, and you may have to deal with disappointed friends and family members. However, this is your day – and you can’t keep everyone happy, so picking your bridesmaids based on some key factors, will make sure that […] read more

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posted on 3rd Feb 2017

When choosing your perfect wedding dress, one of the key things to consider is your body type. Different dresses will highlight different aspects of your figure; read on for our breakdown of the best dresses for each body shape. The ball gown Ball gown dresses are distinguished by their full skirts and fitted bodice. These […] read more

posted on 27th Jan 2017

These days, most couples live together for at least a few months before getting hitched. Like Apartment Therapy says, “To the shock of your pearl-clutching grandmother, more than 70 percent of couples live together before marriage these days.” This means that the majority of grooms and brides to-be have all the kettles, toasters, blenders and […] read more

posted on 20th Jan 2017

If you’re a unique dresser in your day-to-day life, you may be wondering how you can bring your unique style to your wedding day outfit. Traditionally, a groom sports a tailored suit, which is a safe bet for timeless wedding photos and a happy bride (unless you’ve discussed an alternative dress beforehand). Your suit aside, […] read more

posted on 13th Jan 2017

Sitting down to your post-wedding breakfast and basking in the warm afterglow of your wedding day and celebrations, is a beautiful way to end your wedding festivities. There is no obligation to hold a post-wedding breakfast, or brunch, but it’s definitely a tradition that has its perks. As Brides explains: “The great debate continues: to host a […] read more

posted on 11th Jan 2017

Cosy, festive and atmospheric, winter weddings are enduringly popular with couples across the country. A good choice if you don’t want to compete for guests during the busy summer season, and ideal if you like snuggling up to your other half, cold weather weddings can be incredibly romantic. However, if you do choose to get married in the […] read more

posted on 6th Jan 2017

Have you found the perfect ring for your girlfriend? Are you now turning your mind to the big proposal? Many men want to make their proposals a truly special and memorable event for their girlfriends; read on for our favourite fun proposal ideas, for some fabulous inspiration. Turn your proposal into a scavenger hunt Is […] read more

posted on 23rd Dec 2016

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