How to find a flattering wedding dress for an athletic body type

Your body type is one of the key things you should consider when shopping for your wedding dress. What looks flattering on one body type may look the opposite on someone with a different body shape. An athletic body type is one which is slender, well-defined, with smaller curves to the body. Dressing for this […] read more

posted on 13th Oct 2017

This couple really are loves young dream. They started dating when they were only 15. Their romantic relationship lead them to a picture-perfect wedding at Leez Priory under the tremendous Tower. A breath-taking proposal is something Alice had always dreamt about and of course Albert made her dreams reality. Travelling is a passion for both […] read more

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posted on 10th Oct 2017

Finding a wedding dress that flatters your body type can feel hard as a pear-shaped woman. Read on for our tips on choosing a flattering dress that celebrates your curves in all the right places. Defining the pear body type A pear-shaped body type is the most common body type among women. Women who are […] read more

posted on 6th Oct 2017

An apple shape is one where a woman has larger upper body proportions. For example, she may have broader shoulders, or a fuller bust, as well as a wider waist and hips. As a curvaceous apple-shaped woman, how do you find a wedding dress that is flattering to you? Read on for our tips on […] read more

posted on 29th Sep 2017

Marriage was something Rob and Paula would often discuss. So when it came to going to Ibiza in 2016 Paula said “I kind of knew it was coming” The couple went to a place on the east side of Ibiza for dinner, down near the beach where there is a large marina. During dinner Rob […] read more

posted on 25th Sep 2017

If you have beautiful curves, which wedding dress will help you show them off? From curve-flaunting necklines to slenderising gowns, check out our suggestions on the perfect wedding dress for a curvaceous woman. Wedding dress choices for petite curvy women Many curvy women are also smaller in stature, which can make finding the right wedding […] read more

posted on 22nd Sep 2017

When bonding with your bridesmaids and preparing for your wedding day, what better way to spend your time than binge watching feel-good rom coms? It’s sure to help you relax and enjoy your time together in the run up to your wedding day. Bridesmaids (2011) Bridesmaids is a brilliant film to watch in the run up […] read more

posted on 15th Sep 2017

I’m delighted to announce that our beautiful wedding venue has once again been shortlisted to win ‘Best wedding venue 2018’ All the staff at Leez Priory would like to ask for your help to crown us ‘Best wedding venue’ We won’t be able to achieve that outstanding title without all of your votes! That doesn’t […] read more

posted on 12th Sep 2017

A rustic wedding scheme emphasises warmth and charm. By using natural decor and earthy hues, this style choice will win the hearts of your guests with a welcoming atmosphere. If you’re dreaming of a rustic wedding, then take a look at our styling tips in this post. Colour scheme A rustic colour scheme is one […] read more

posted on 8th Sep 2017

Rochanne and Jamie met online four years ago and instantly knew they were the ‘real deal’. After a romantic proposal under the stars in a game reserve in Kenya, Rochanne said ‘Yes’. Their first step was creating a scrap book containing wedding inspiration and ideas to produce the perfect wedding day. Rochanne Webster and Jamie Spalding […] read more

posted on 4th Sep 2017

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