Would you pick a wedding dress with pockets?

Elegant, iconic and oh-so-flattering, classic wedding dresses have a lot going for them. However, with all that satin, lace and layering, one thing wedding dresses are not is practical. This can be a real issue for brides on their wedding day. Without anywhere to slip a phone, makeup bag or even a tampon, brides have to rely on their bridesmaids for everything.

Bride and groom

A new wedding dress trend might be about to change all that. Recent bridal wear collections have seen an increasing number of gowns with pockets. Stylish and practical, this is a fantastic way to give brides somewhere to store their valuables while adding an eye-catching feature to the wedding dress.

Why choose a dress with pockets?

As The Knot says, “If you don’t want to carry a purse on your wedding day, this trend is for you.” Pockets give brides somewhere discreet and convenient to store their essential items. This means that brides don’t have to ask others to hold onto their valuables and can snap pictures on their phones and top up their makeup whenever they want. If you want to be a little more independent on your wedding day, a dress with pockets is definitely the way to go.

A stylish touch

As wedding dresses with pockets are still relatively rare, choosing this kind of gown will make a statement on your wedding day. The choice of dresses that feature pockets is growing fast, giving you an excellent variety of shapes and sizes to choose from.

Is there a downside?

If you’ve chosen a dress with a large, layered skirt, there isn’t really a downside of choosing a wedding dress with pockets. The pockets shouldn’t have any impact on the silhouette of the dress and most guests probably won’t even know they’re there. However, if you’ve chosen a dress with a slimmer line and a tighter fit, pockets may not be the perfect choice. In some cases pockets could make the dress look a little bulky, especially if they’re filled with makeup, phones and other accessories.

To avoid pockets ruining the look of your wedding dress, choose a gown with a loose skirt and try not to stuff in too many things. Talk to your wedding dress maker to find out if pockets could be a potential addition to your chosen gown.

Practical, stylish and original, pockets can make a fantastic addition to a wedding dress. Find out more about planning an innovative and unique wedding day by exploring our site or getting in touch with a member of our team.

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