Rhiannon & Adriano Orzelleca

Dear Annabelle, Davina, Zoe and the rest of the staff at Leez Priory


Our wedding was spectacular and wonderful and you made it so easy for us! The venue is heaven, the food was incredible and everyone was so lovely, kind and efficient that the whole day went without a single hitch. From start to finish we were given so much help, advice and reassurance that the day would be a success that organising the wedding in 6 weeks was easy!!!

I bet you hear this sort of thing all the time – but we had such a magical day that we couldn’t not write to say thanks!

Thank you all so so much,

Rhiannon and Adriano

If you have any questions relating to having your wedding at Leez Priory, please don't hesitate to call Rebecca via the contact details below:


T: 01245 362 555
E: info@leez-priory.co.uk