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If you’re a unique dresser in your day-to-day life, you may be wondering how you can bring your unique style to your wedding day outfit. Traditionally, a groom sports a tailored suit, which is a safe bet for timeless wedding photos and a happy bride (unless you’ve discussed an alternative dress beforehand).

Your suit aside, there are many ways that you can bring a quirkier style to your wedding day look; from stylish cufflinks, to quirky buttonholes make your groom’s look your own with our quirky style tips.

Creative buttonhole ideas

The buttonhole allows many opportunities for adding a creative and unique flair to your look. Traditionally, the buttonhole is decorated with a single flower, but there are many ways to shake this look up and make it your own.


We are all about the quirky cufflinks: unique cufflinks are a great way to make your wedding outfit your own without going over the top or risking getting it wrong. Online retailers, like Etsy, offer a range of interesting and eye-catching cufflinks: we are pretty sure you could find any kind of cufflinks you like on there, from Breaking Bad cufflinks, to Dinosaur ones.

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Socks wouldn’t be the first thing you think of when trying to add some style and flair to your wedding day attire. But they can be a subtle way to make a fun statement, as Rock My Wedding note: “Socks can be really powerful and I don’t mean in the Stilton sense of the word. You can go loud and proud with your man hosiery (brosiery anyone?), safe in the knowledge that they will be safely covered 90% of the time by your trousers and footwear. A crazy pair of socks will remain pretty stealth, save for the odd ‘action flash’ as you make your way to the front of the church.”

Match your socks to your outfit: red tie? Why not match it with some red socks.

Bow ties

Bow ties are the epitome of charm and style, you can opt for a cool print, interesting fabric (such as silk or sequins), or a bold colour. Bow ties stand out, shaking up the traditional look of a suit and tie for the groom.

Customise the soles of your shoes

Grooms customising the bottom of their shoes seems to be a wedding day trend that has been popping up all over the internet.

Getting the bottom of your shoes printed with something fun or romantic, such as the date of your wedding or a witty joke, is a fun and unique way to style your wedding day look.

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