How to gift wedding favours your guests really want

Favours are one wedding tradition that’s embraced by couples up and down the country. The giving of favours has been a part of the wedding for as long as we can remember. A great way to say “thank you” to your guests, wedding favours should provide a memorable keepsake for the friends and family members who have gathered to celebrate your big day. So often, however, wedding favours end up in one place – the bin!

Not every wedding favour has to meet this tragic end. With careful selection, the wedding favour can fulfil its duty as a token of appreciation and keepsake. Read on, to discover our top tips for gifting wedding favours your guests really want.

Give them a warm welcome

Traditionally a favour is a small gift that works to enhance your table décor as well as provide a takeaway for guests. Going against the grain by providing a collection of welcoming gifts is a great way to go.

Purposeful and fun, the welcome bag may not be a new concept but it’s fast becoming the must-have favour on the wedding scene. Event planner Emily Sullivan shares her advice for providing the perfect basket of goodies for your guests:

“We like to fill ours with bottled water, local treats, aspirin – and maybe even something like a compact umbrella if it is supposed to be a rainy weekend. It is all about making your guests feel comfortable and welcome. Consider what you would provide for them if they were staying in your home, that is always a good place to start.”

Make it personal to them

Many couples choose to add the personal touch to favours by emblazoning their names, initials or wedding date on their favours. These details may be sentimental to you, but they’re less relevant to your guests. Instead of personalising it to your wedding – why not personalise favours to your guests?

Going for bespoke favours that are personal to every guest may be more time consuming and costly to produce, but they’re more likely to be treasured forever by impressed recipients.

If you do want to personalise favours to you and your partner (and why shouldn’t you, it’s your big day!), opt for a gift that’s more meaningful than a pretty monogram. For example, if you and your partner share a love of gin, mini bottles could be given to your guests.

If enjoying spicy food together is more your thing, take the time to make some homemade chilli oil to gift to your guests. Favours with a story that’s personal to your journey so far always go down well.

Remember practical makes perfect

A great gift is a useful one. Practical does indeed make perfect, so before purchasing hundreds of favours for your wedding, ask yourself – would you want it? If the answer is no, then consider something that’s more useful. Photo frames, luggage tags, and candles are all valuable wedding favour ideas that your guest will certainly find a place for.

If all else fails, feed them!

Edible favours may not make brilliant keepsakes, but their deliciousness will certainly be appreciated by your guests. Edible favours, such as macarons, cake pops, and mini pies, can be enjoyed on the way home or right there at your reception. As well as sweet treats, locally sourced food items also make for impressive favours.

Want more wedding favour inspiration? Discover 47 quirky favour ideas right here, happy shopping!

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