Best man duties explained

Being chosen to be best man at a wedding is an honour. It is more than being a glorified groomsman, the best man has a set of duties and responsibilities that he is expected to do. As a best man, you will need to be the groom’s right-hand man, helping out with organising the wedding and being there to support the groom on his big day. It is easy to feel anxious, so below, we’ve included a rundown of the best man’s duties and responsibilities.

Help the Groom with Choosing a Suit

One of the things a best man will be expected to do is assist the groom in choosing his suit for the wedding. The best man will need to discuss with the groom whether he wants to buy or hire a suit. He will also need to arrange for the groomsmen and ushers suit fittings for the wedding.

Organise the Stag Do

One of the best responsibilities bestowed to the best man is the organising of the stag do. Ask the groom for a list of people he would like to come along, and get him to run a few locations past you – he might be up for giving you some ideas. You will need to consider everyone’s budget when booking.

The stag needs to be arranged a few months before the wedding and give a few dates to see which suits everyone best. Try not to have the stag do too close to the wedding day, make sure that there is ample recovery time, to swerve the wedding hangovers.

Emotional Support

The groom will need your support in the run up to the wedding and on the day itself. It is your duty as best man to help ensure that things run smoothly so that the groom doesn’t have to worry.

You will need to round up all of the male wedding party and make sure they know their duties and are in the right place at the right time. The best man will also make sure the groom arrives at the ceremony on time.

Look After the Rings

Traditionally, the best man will have the responsibility of keeping the rings safe before the wedding. This is one of the most import duties. The best man will keep the wedding rings safe with him until he passes them to the clergyman or registrar at the wedding ceremony.

Best Man’s Speech

The best man is expected to give the last speech at the reception. Best Mans Speech Insight, give this advice, “An important duty that many best men fear is giving the toast. Make sure to write out a best man speech prior to the wedding so you know what you are going to say. And then spend some time with it practicing. This can make the toast go over much smoother. Remember a good best man speech can make your day as a best man. Also keep in mind that even if they somehow manage to get it written most best men find it hard to stand up and deliver the best man speech. So, it’s better to figure out the drawbacks well in advance and prepare accordingly. It is as simple as that.”

All that is left to do is enjoy the wedding!

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