The statement veil – how to do it right

The veil is one of the most integral parts of any bridal outfit. As @BridalMusings says, “A veil is a seemingly simple accessory, but it has the power to completely transform an entire look.”

Finding the perfect veil for your big day can help you to create your dream outfit and ensure you feel your very best as you make your walk up the aisle.

An increasing number of brides are choosing to put their veil at the very heart of their bridal look. These statement pieces are often embellished with embroidery, crystals, pearls, and colour and make a real impact when matched with a white wedding dress.

If you’re thinking about wearing a statement piece on your big day, take a look at our tips for how to wear it right.

Keep the dress simple

If you’re going for a bold, eye-catching veil, it’s often a good idea to keep your gown relatively simple.

After all, if your dress is highly embellished, it will detract from the impact of your veil and could make the overall look a little busy. Make sure you try your veil on with your dress before your big day.

This will give you the opportunity to make sure they work well together and create the look you want for your wedding.

Make sure it’s in keeping

While your veil doesn’t need to exactly match your dress or your wedding theme, it should be in keeping with other elements of the day.

If there’s a pattern in the veil, make sure it’s echoed in other parts of your outfit or in your wedding décor. This will help to create a unified, stylish look and ensure your veil looks as good as possible.

Match your colour theme

If your statement veil is going to incorporate colour, it’s important that this colour matches other shades used in your outfit and wedding décor.

You could match the tones in your veil to your new husband’s tie or to the colours in your bridesmaids’ dresses.

These small extra touches can go a long way to bringing your wedding look together and making the day appear seamless.

Go bold

If you want your wedding veil to make a statement, you need to be bold. If you go too subtle, guests may not notice the design of your veil and it may fail to have the impact you want it too.

Talk to your wedding dress supplier about the different veils they have and find out if they can add more embellishments to the designs.

Alternatively, if you have a friend or relative that’s handy with a needle, you could ask them to add a little embroidery or bling to the veil to give it a truly personal touch.

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